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   Chapter 534 It's Not An Accident

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Celia seemed to be alone, but in fact, not far behind her, there were a pair of eyes staring at her, protecting her at any time.

Ted couldn't go to school with Celia. As long as he saw her enter the school safely, he could find a place to sit down and drink tea, waiting for her to come out.

At the same time, there were two people squatting at the school gate. They had been here for several days. Every day, they stared at the direction of the school gate, riveting their eyes to the female students coming and going out of the school. They looked like hooligans, and ordinary people did not dare to provoke them. Moreover, the school gate was humming with life.

After waiting for a few days, they didn't find any particularly beautiful girls. The students in this school dressed very ordinary, and their skin was relatively swarthy. There was no such beautiful girls as their employer said.

The eyes of the two hooligans widely opened as they saw Celia walked from the side of the road.

She had fair skin and slim figure. Although she dressed herself with simplicity, her temperament was not what an ordinary girl should have. She was really beautiful.

They had waited for several days and looked through numerous girls. Celia was indeed the most beautiful one. Their employer had said that they could take action when they saw the most beautiful girl.

"Celia, here you are..."

Before Celia entered the school, she met her classmate at the school gate. She greeted them with a smile.

When the two hooligans heard someone call her name, they found that this beautiful girl was really the one they were looking for. She was so beautiful that they really couldn't do something to her later.

But if they couldn't do it, they would lose a deal. For the sake of money, they had to do it. But since Celia was a beautiful woman, they would be gentle later.

"Celia, I brought you some books."

At this moment, Linda came from her boyfriend's school and borro

subdued the two bastards in a short time.

Looking at the blood on the ground, he felt very guilty. He felt sorry for what Jim had told him before he left, and for the money they had given him. He should have followed Celia closely just now. He shouldn't have been so far away from her. Otherwise, he could have found out that something was wrong before Celia called for help

"I'm fine. I won't die..."

Celia's head was covered with sweat because of the pain. She didn't scream. Her black trousers covered the wound, but the glass debris were still on her trousers. The blood was dripping through the trousers, and there was also blood on several stones.

"But you..."

Linda's heart ached when she saw the scene. Celia was so strong that her classmates covered their mouths. Celia was a tough woman. If they met this scene, they would have fainted, but she still endured the pain and kept her head clear.

"It doesn't matter. But don't let them go. It was not an accident just now. The two of them deliberately knocked me down one after another. And the glass debris and stones were an elaborate ploy."

Even in the midst of panic, Celia was still able to observe these details clearly. She had always taken revenge for the insult. She had to find out who was behind all this. She would not let them go!

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