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   Chapter 533 Take Someone's Money To Deal With The Problem

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But Celia didn't go anywhere recently. Even if she went out, it was in the daytime when there were many people on the street.

The roof of Granny Li's room was very high, and the wall was inlaid with glass. Ordinary people could not enter the house.

Therefore, Celia believed that no one would dare to do anything to her in broad daylight.

After what happened last time, David was still in the police station. She knew that Sunny was a real ogre after the continuous attacks, but she felt much relieved with the help of Ted Zheng, Jim's friend, who had learned Kung Fu.

"Your aunt has come here two times, but you are not at home. I drove her out."

Jade hasn't shown up since what happened last time. Why was she here again? Was it because Celia was going to take the college entrance examination and Jade wanted to make things difficult for her?

Celia was speechless about her relatives. Why did these people always want to set her up?

"Great! Granny Li, good job!"

Celia gave her a thumbs up. Although Granny Li was old, she was not a woman to be trifle with. Jade couldn't get any benefit from the confrontation with Granny Li.

"Girl, your aunt is not a good person at all. Since you have severed relationships with her, you should have a clear closure with her, so that she wouldn’t disturb my life from time to time."

Granny Li knew what kind of person Jade was. Judging from Jade’s behavior these times, Granny Li had a clear estimation of her. Jade was not a good person, let alone a good relative. She had a lot of bad intentions, so Granny Li dared to drive her away with a stick.

"I did. She is more shameless than you think."

Didn’t she make it clear enough? She had already cut off the relationship with Jade, and Wendy had also severed relationship with her. They had been out of touch for a long time. As for the reason why Jade came to her again, Celia guessed that firstly, Jade was thick skinned enough; Secondly, Jade fretted that there must be something wrong with her husband.

How could the Zheng family let Jade go after putting their son in

today, but it's very safe. You don't have to go there. I'll be back soon. You can go back and have a rest. It doesn't matter."

This boy was honest. Besides, it was not good for Ted to be seen by the principal and Linda.

"Miss Celia, the college entrance examination is around the corner. You'd better be careful. I'll follow you from a distance. I will not be close to you, you can just ignore my existence."

He was hired to help Celia deal with the problem. Last time he went to the city with Jim, and after he came back, Jim gave him five hundred dollars to protect Celia’s safety, which was a good job for him. He also found a proper thing to do. When Jim left, he repeatedly told him to protect Celia's safety. Ted didn't forget his duty. As long as Celia went out, he would definitely follow her far away.

"Well, then you can follow me far away. Don't let my classmates find it. It's not good."

Celia was low-profile. She didn't want her classmates to misunderstand that she had hired some bodyguards and pretended to be rich.

"Well, I'll be with you not far away. If you encounter any danger or feel something is wrong, you can shout or turn around. I'll run over immediately."

Celia was beautiful and had a good academic performance. Many people would set her up. He was determined to protect her well until she finished the college entrance examination successfully.

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