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   Chapter 532 Causing Trouble At A Critical Moment

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 7074

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"If that girl hadn't been so lucky, she would have been starved to death!"

There was a trace of hatred in Mindy's eyes. She didn't understand why her daughter hated Celia so much before. Now Mindy realized that Celia was born to be at odds with her family. For them, Celia was a bane. Whoever saw her would be unlucky.

Mindy had long forgotten that Celia was the only daughter of her dead brother. She had completely treated Celia as an enemy.

"Sunny called us last time and told us not to show up in front of Celia these days. The college entrance examination is not around the corner. What should we do?"

Sam knew that his daughter hated Celia. Celia was not only tough and lucky, but also smart. Under the pressure of Sue in the Tang family, Celia was even self-taught at home. Now she was qualified to take the college entrance examination. She indeed relied on herself to change her fate under such difficult conditions, but Celia had affected their lives.

Therefore, they had to nip her hope in the bud and never give her any chance to change her fate, or they would be the ones to suffer.

"Just do what you should do. You must find the most reliable person to do it. And this matter can only be successful. Don't fail. We can't let our daughter down again this time."

Mindy exhorted.

He didn't know what kind of protection Celia had and how she could escape their trap every time. "Yes, I know. But I have to find some powerful men to do this kind of thing. Not only can't we let her take the college entrance examination this year, but also next year or the year after next."

A hint of cruelty appeared in Sam's eyes. He had sympathized with Celia before, but now their business was ruined because of Celia's clothing shop. He had long forgotten his remaining conscience.

"Well, you have to be more ruthless. It's worth it no matter how much you spend. Don't make your daughter worry all the time. You can't even do such a small thing well every time."

Mindy said to her man in disgust.

"Don't worry. As long as we give enough money for them, they would get it done. We just nee

give him a salary. Jim said that although his friend was short, in fact, he had learned real Kung Fu and had real ability. Since someone was secretly protecting her, she was relieved.

Celia knew that her relatives wouldn't let her go, such as Sunny. Sunny was thousands of miles away from her, but she still tried to collude with the teacher of the school to destroy her examination. Since Sunny didn't even let go of the stimulation examination last time, of course she would not let go of the real college entrance examination.

And Jade, who had introduced an old man to her and fixed her a arranged marriage. All her so-called relatives had caused trouble to her life.

Celia was speechless. Why did her relatives hate her so much? They tried every means to destroy the things she had now. She didn't know what good it would be for them if she was down or lived a miserable life.

Was it worth it for them to be against her all the time and want her to die?

She didn't do anything harmful to them. Why did they hate her?

Celia complained bitterly. She couldn't find the real one who hurt her on the sly every time. The real boss behind all these was still at ease, because there was no evidence, and the law couldn't do anything to them.

Sunny took advantage of it, so David was still in prison, but she was still enjoying the glory of being a college student, which made Celia most angry.

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