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   Chapter 531 Transfer At A Low Price

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 7328

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"Really? What if I fail?"

Zack still felt uneasy and scared.

"We must do it. No one else could be able to get this opportunity. Since we got it, it belongs to us. Uncle, don't worry about money. I'll be your strong support, and I believe that you will definitely succeed."

There was another way to get the money, but once this opportunity was taken away, it was not easy to have this chance again.

Zack thought that Celia was going to borrow money from Sharon. After all, among the people they knew, there was only Sharon who could take out a large amount of cash and be willing to lend money to them. They would pay back when they made money. Even if they lost money at that time, the creditor would not urge them to pay the debt.

Of course, Celia wouldn't borrow money from Sharon. Sharon's parents didn't like her at all, thinking that she was interested in his family background and property. If his parents knew that she had something to do with him in money, things would become worse and his parents would thought that what they had guessed was right.

Celia wanted to be with Sharon. She didn't want his parents to misunderstand her, so she wouldn't borrow money from him.

Besides, she didn't need to borrow money from others. As long as there were projects and contracts, she could ask for bank loan. In this era, people still didn't know that there was a bank loan. They thought it was unreliable and a deception. But Celia was different. She had traveled through the twenty-first century, and no one knew better than her about the safety and reliability of a bank.

At this time, the countdown of the college entrance examination really came. There was only a week left before Celia took the college entrance examination.

A week ago, Celia didn't go to the library or school anymore. Wendy and Jane went to the clothing store to sell clothes every day, while Celia stayed at home every day. Sometimes Celia would cook some delicious dishes, and sometimes she simply didn't do anything. She enjoyed herself in the rocking chair when Granny Li was not there. Moreover, she felt that the rocking chair was like the cradle and it was very comfortable as it swayed ge

more ten thousand dollars."

The price she offered was exceptionally low. She had already lost money, but she didn't expect that these people were still dissatisfied. They kept lowering the price, and negotiation ended on a sour note. She was so angry and thought that they were really unreasonable.

"Why are you so angry? Let's sell the shop and get out of here as soon as possible. We'll find a new place and start to prepare for the new shop. It is fine if we can get some money from the old shop. Don't be angry with those stupid people. After all, we are in a special period, aren't we?"

Sam comforted her. Without the income of a clothing shop, not only did their family's living standard decline, but also the money they received every month became less and less, and there was basically no balance. He was also worried. It seemed that it was necessary to open a new shop as soon as possible.

"Well, it's all your niece's fault. If it weren't for her, our business wouldn't have been so poor to close down. Our business had always been good, but since she came, it seemed that she had been the bane of our family, and our business had declined greatly."

Sam blamed everything on Celia. At first, he wanted to blame Mindy's mother and brothers, but he was afraid of angering his wife. No matter how bad the Tang family was, if Sam comment on it, Mindy would immediately be angry with him. But Celia was different. All the relatives hated her.

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