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   Chapter 530 Not Strong Enough, Not Sure

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"We have read the carefully your plan carefully. Thank you for your hard work. Among so many decoration companies, of course some of them will be selected and some will be eliminated. This is the law of the market and it is normal. As for why we choose the JYM Company, it is because their design and ideas have touched us. It is the plan we want. Moreover, they provide a complete set of plans. We think the overall plan and decoration design style will be done according to their design. At that time, the apartment will definitely be stunning. There will be no need for us to explain more."

Perhaps Hale had expected this, so he specially took everyone to the meeting hall.

He had to let these people know that they had chosen Zack's design company because of their own ability and strength, not because of any relationship. He didn't want them to spread the rumors in the end, which would also affect his reputation.

"So all the decoration styles and ideas are in accordance with their plan? They have the final say? What about our design? None of them is feasible?"

They were all inferior to a small company's?

Many people were not convinced. If they were defeated by a big company like the YJG Company, they would leave without saying anything. But this small company actually defeated all of them? There were kitchen, bathroom and balcony. Did they have to decorate the apartment according to Zack's plan?

The more they thought about it, the angrier they felt. If that was the case, they might as well not do it. Anyway, the most profitable section in this project had been taken away by Zack's company, so there was no need to stay here.

They thought it was too ridiculous to listen to a small company. That was impossible.

Most of the decoration companies were full of resentment, and they almost wanted to slam the door and just leave like that. However, in the eyes of the big bosses, it didn't matter. There were many companies want to cooperate with them. Those investors wouldn't ask them to

e a happy thing, but he was so worried that he didn't know what to do.

Zack called Celia as soon as he returned to his hotel. He had to report such a big matter to her.

She was smart. Anyway, it was just the boss's words. They hadn't officially signed the contract yet, so there was still room for manoeuvre. Even if they regretted or quit, they didn't need to compensate. Once the construction was started, and they regretted again, things would be different. Then the investors had the right to sue him for unilaterally breaking the contract. Then he would lose everything he had.

"Celia, with our current strength, we don't have so much money to invest. I think we'd better give up. Let's tell Mr. Hale the truth."

Zack was afraid. This project was too big for him to handle it well. Most importantly, they didn't have so much money.

"Uncle, it's a good thing. Other companies can't get it. It's a once-in-a-lifetime good opportunity. If we refuse it, we won't be able to work in this industry anymore. Since everyone knows our strength is not good enough."

Celia didn't expect that the competition in the special zone would be so smooth. Zack even own the decoration of the whole building, which was something she didn't dare to imagine. It seemed that the bosses were interested in the design drawing and the decoration style.

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