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   Chapter 496 Embarrassed At School

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Gordon's parents were right. Gordon didn't go home the first night, and on the second day, someone came to visit Jade and had a talk with her.

The whole family was empty. Fortunately, Jade had transferred the money, otherwise it would be really terrible if they were found out.

Jade knew that the house was clean now. Even if they wanted to search for something, they couldn't find anything valuable. Besides, as a woman, her father-in-law said that no one would make things difficult for her and didn't dare to do anything to her.

"I'm a woman. I do laundry and cook at home every day. I don't know what happened outside. I just know that my child's father has always been hardworking and diligent in work. I don't know why he was caught by you. Someone must have framed my husband..."

Jade cried bitterly. Her parents-in-law said that she could only pretend to be pitiful in front of them.

However, these law enforcers had seen all kinds of occasions. Sometimes, the more miserable they were on the surface, the more crimes they might have committed in secret, and so they would not sympathize with Jade.

"Your family is rich. You have a big TV. I think the fridge has been installed for a long time, right? Seldom common families could afford such expensive appliances."

The law enforcer looked at Jade's family and knew that her family was rich and powerful. But with Gordon's salary, his family could only live a decent life. Such big appliances were rare to be seen at ordinary families.

"We have a lot of children at home, but they insisted on watching TV. We had no choice but to buy the TV and the fridge with our hard-earned money. In addition to our little savings, my parents-in-law also helped us a lot. We adults can live a frugal life, but we can't suffer our children, can we?"

Jade said these with a sad face, but she was extremely scared in her heart. If she didn't hold the chair, her legs would have been trembling. She was afraid that others would not be

ll your living expenses are earned by your father's hard work. What do you mean by saying that your father has disgraced you? Your father and your grandparents would be sad to hear that."

Her daughter had been spoiled by her since she was a child, so she didn't show much respect towards her parents sometimes. No matter what, Gordon was her father and loved her very much.

"Come on, Grandpa and grandma are taking care of my brother now. We two are always unwelcome and no one loves us in the Chen family. If we don't figure out a way out in advance, we will cry in the future. Mom, don't be silly."

In the face of a disaster, they would all only care about themselves. Although it was inappropriate to do so, people had to struggle to live in this world.

Amy didn't think what she said was too much. It was useless to cry.

"What way? What do you want? All our money has been taken to your grandparents'. Now the most valuable thing in this house is TV and fridge."

There was nothing at home now.

"What? How can you give them all the money? Mom, are you out of your mind?"

Amy hated her mother very much. If the money was in the hands of the two old things, would they give it to them again? Besides, they preferred boys to girls. Wouldn't she be unable to buy anything in the future?

Amy was agitated.

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