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   Chapter 495 Transferring The Bribes

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The bribes? Be in jail?

Hearing what Gordon's father said, Jade collapsed to the ground. How could the money she had worked hard to save aside turn into bribes? Going to jail? If that was the case, she would rather bump her head into the wall and die. At that time, if her family was in trouble, many people were waiting to see their jokes.

"We have fifty thousand dollars in total. All of them are at home..."

Jade panicked and didn't know what to do, so she had to tell the truth.

No matter how much her parents-in-law disliked her, Amy and Dick were their grandsons and granddaughters, so they wouldn't do anything to her for the sake of the two children. They had more ways to handle this matter than a woman like her. She could do nothing but cry. She had to rely on them.

She had saved so much money these years. Except for money, there was nothing valuable at home. It just like an ordinary family. She didn't even have a set of decent jewelry, and what she bought were all inferior goods to maintain her image, so they were not worth much.

"Fifty thousand? That..That's a lot..."

Gordon's parents were shocked. Their son was just a petty official. Even if they didn't eat or drink all year round, they wouldn't save so much money. They had to pay for the living expense, and there were two children who needed money to go to school and study. It was impossible for their family to be so rich. Their son's salary was fixed, and they could calculate it by themselves to see if he had received any bribes or not.

"Ridiculous! How dare you two!"

Hearing this amount of money, Gordon knew that it was from some illegal source, but he didn't expect that his son had become so bold. How many benefits had he received? How many private things had he done for others by taking advantage of his position? He was worried that if this matter really became a big one, his whole family would be in troub

o you hear me?"

Gordon's mother issued an order. No matter how shrewish and unreasonable Jade was, she had to nod obediently like a robot.

After listening to her parents-in-law's order, she immediately rushed back home and packed up all the valuable things. She looked around in the house. She wanted to hide all the slightly valuable things. She had spent a lot of money buying these things for her family, especially TV and fridge. If it weren't for that they were all bulky items, she would have taken them off and taken them away.

She felt lucky that she didn't buy the washing machine, or she would have lost a fortune.

Money and jewelry could be hidden in her parents-in-law's, but how could she hide these big things?

After sending these valuable things to her parents-in-law, Jade guessed and sat at home uneasily.

She had always been high-profile, so she didn't dare to go out. She remembered that she had said so much before. Now her husband was arrested, and she was nothing. If she went out now, someone would definitely point at her, even say something harsh to hear. How could she bear it?

She had thought that she had finally made it through and would live a good life, but she didn't expect that she would fall heavily from the heaven again.

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