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   Chapter 396 I Also Have A Boyfriend

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6777

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Celia was afraid that Jade would continue to talk about the marriage with her, which would have some impact on her study. It was not easy to find a quiet and safe place.

There was a vocational school nearby. Although it was not a university, it would be easier to find a job if they study in there.

Celia planned to go to their library to study, but she didn't know anyone. The security guards wouldn't let her in.

After the examination, Celia thought that Linda probably could help her. On the one hand, Linda was easy-going. On the other hand, she felt that Linda could keep the secret to herself.

"Time is precious for you. You still invited me out for meals. If the principal and your teachers know that, I will definitely be severely criticized when I go back."

Celia had been under the protection of the school. Everyone in the school knew her achievements. It was rare for Celia to come to the school, but she came to have dinner with Linda. So Linda thought that there must be something wrong.

"They are all focusing on their study now. They must have no idea that we would have meals here. I want to ask you a favor."

Celia explained her purpose. After all, Linda was a straightforward person.

"I know you have something to tell me. Just go ahead."

Why did Celia ask her out alone? Of course she wanted to tell her something.

"I've been reviewing the books for a while. I also want to be more focused on my study, but I feel a little restless at home. Do you know anyone in that vocational school? I want to go to the library to study there."

Celia stared at Linda with her big eyes full of expectation. Although Linda was a female teacher, she couldn't resist such a pair of beautiful eyes.

"Are you going to the library of that vocational school? In fact, I think with your current score, if you want to find a quiet environment to study, you just need to tell Tim about it. It is a small request. I believe that they will definitely satisfy you. It is very likely that they would prepa


"Okay, I'll take care of it. But I think you seem to have other worries."

All women liked to be suspicious. Although Linda was a teacher, she was also worried about her boyfriend, and at the same time, Linda was more worried about the beauty of Celia.

"No, no!"

Doubting her student? Linda suddenly felt that she was a little narrow minded. Celia came here for the college entrance examination. If others knew that she was jealous of her own students, they would laugh at her.

"Miss Linda, don't worry. I respect you as a teacher and treat you as a friend. Today in order to find a place for me to study, you told me such a big secret. I think I should also tell you my secret. No one in the school knows it."

How could she not know Linda's worries? She was afraid that her beautiful face would seduce her future husband. She understood.


"Let me tell you a secret. I have a boyfriend now, so you can rest assured. Besides, my boyfriend is also very handsome."

Linda was a kind person. Linda help her find such a good place to study, Celia thought that she couldn't made Linda worry about her boyfriend every day. Besides, Celia had a boyfriend, so how could she be interested in other people's boyfriend?

"What? Do you have a boyfriend? Celia, how old is he? Does Tim know that? Does your parents know that?"

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