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   Chapter 395 All The Teachers Came

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"She has the first place in the class, 536 points."

Said Tim. He was very satisfied with Celia's result, but it would be better if her score was a little higher, and she would be more likely to be admitted to a university in the capital city.

After the teacher applied for the total score of Celia, there was another round of warm applause.

All the students were envious of her performance. Her grades were higher than last time and she had been making progress during this period of time.

"Why are you so happy? The second place is only 495 points, which is 41 points lower than the first place. The second place has such a poor scores, let alone the other students. If your have been in this state all the time, do you think you can have a good grades in the college entrance examination? That's definitely not going to work. This is the final stage, even without our teachers' supervision, I hope all of you can focus on your study, okay?"

The teacher was smiling at the mention of Celia's grades. He was furious at the mention of others.

Why a self-taught student like Celia was better than a formal student who study in school? Was there something wrong with their education?

As teachers, they not only doubted that the students did not work hard on their study, but also doubted their own teaching methods.

The other students didn't dare to say anything more. They all lowered their heads. The scores between the first place and the second place were so different. So they knew how bad their exam was this time.

"Please take the exam seriously this time. Be careful when you are doing your homework. You should be well-prepared. Celia, come to my office with me."

Tim left the classroom and took Celia away, leaving the students to sigh. At first, they thought that Celia was just a rookie came here through some connections, but now they didn't expect that Celia could surpass them all on her own. It was beyond their expectations.

"Celia, you shouldn't have lost your

achers had accompanied them for three years. The college entrance examination was not only important to the students, but also to them. That was why they were in a hurry. At the last moment, they didn't know how to help them. They were a little flustered.

"Well, Celia..."

In fact, what the Chinese teacher wanted to say was that the poem was really simple. Why did Celia always lost score on that part?

"She is reviewing at her own home. She should have her own reviewing plan. We don't want to disturb or interfere. After all, she has been relying on herself to learn. She should know what to do. We don't need to be too long winded."

In fact, Tim wanted to say that Celia could achieve such great scores was because she relied on herself and study at home. She didn't have any class in the school, so her good grades didn't have much connections with them. She earned it all by herself.

Hearing what Tim said, the other teachers didn't say anything more. According to the current situation and the results of the previous tests, Celia would definitely be the best student in the high school. And she achieved it without teacher's help. Relying on her own self-study, she was so good at studying and other students couldn't compare with her. They shouldn't have given her some random guidance at this critical moment.

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