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   Chapter 394 The Top Student

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After Mindy knew that they were going to apply for a job here, she couldn't keep them in her shop any more. So she dismissed them immediately.

It was easy to fire someone, but it was difficult to find someone to fill their position in a short time. Mindy couldn't go to the shop in person. If she was seen by others, it wouldn't be a joke. Before she could find a suitable shop assistant, the clothing shop had to be closed temporarily.

Sam suggested that he could transfer the shop to others and earn some money in the end, but Mindy didn't want to. It was also a career for her. The profit of clothes was so high. If she didn't open this shop, her daughter couldn't have been about to go to college. Anyway, she didn't want to close the shop. She didn't believe that the clothing business of Celia could be so good all the time. She would wait.

Celia didn't have time to care what Mindy was thinking. As the college entrance examination was approaching, another new employee was recruited in the shop. Her mother and aunt wouldn't be too busy. She had almost finished reviewing at home. It was the monthly exam of this month, and she had to go to school.

The college entrance examination was approaching, and there were more and more exams. Celia didn't have to take the small test every day, but she had to take the monthly test and the final exam.

"Here comes the top student in the school!"

After Sue made a scene in the school last time and her classmates helped her, Celia became friendly to them. She had more interaction with them than usual, and even spoke more than before. The relationship between them seemed to have become better inexplicably.

"Celia, have a seat. Let's have a talk later."

Celia was a beautiful girl. When she didn't like to talk with others in the past, she looked very cold. But now her classmates had seen her more frequently, and they gradually realized that she was not that kind of person at all, and they gradually had no prejudice against her.


With a smile, Celia found a seat and sat down. When she saw the kindness in everyone's eyes, she sudd

ion, I think we all have to give up."

"It's so hard!"


The students began to whisper and grumble. They were all full of resentment and cursed the person who had written the question. They were secretly glad that this was not the college entrance examination. Otherwise, they would fail.

"Both you and Celia are doing the same question. And you are even taught by teachers in the classroom, and Celia is self-taught at home. Why doesn't Celia think it's difficult? Look at your miserable faces. If it's really the college entrance examination, it would be terrible. Send out all the examination papers!"

Tim was very dissatisfied with the results of this examination. Of course, he was happy for Celia. Compared with the last examination, Celia's scores did not decrease, but increased instead. Finally, as her teacher, Tim was comforted a little. If it was the college entrance examination, the performance of the whole class was not good enough.

"Miss, how many points did our top student get this time?"

The students didn't care about their own score. They all cared about Celia's.

"You're really shameless. You got a poor score like that. How dare you care about other people's affairs?"

Tim said helplessly.

"Mr. Tim, it's just because we got a poor grades like this that we want to know how much Celia's scores. We take her as an example and encourage ourselves in study."

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