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   Chapter 393 Recruitment

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"What a wonderful activity!"

Jane and Wendy were very satisfied with the activity that Celia had planned. In the past few days, they had earned a lot of money. Every day, the customers were full of the shop, which made Wendy have no time to cook and buy food at noon. Every day, she ordered a light meal outside and packed it back. They didn't have time to have lunch.

"You are right. My waist and back are sore."

She didn't even touch the stool after a whole day. Her back was so sore that she wanted to lie on the bed now.

"I'll start to post a recruitment tomorrow. We have to hire a shop assistant to help us with goods and clothes. If there are more people to watch over, you two don't have to worry about it."

Seeing that her aunt and mother were so tired every day, Celia felt sorry for them. Her original intention was not to make them work so hard. Moreover, she would sooner or later hire a shop assistants to help them reduce their burden. With the sales of their shop, they could afford to hire ten employees, let alone one.

"How much will it cost? I don't think it's a good idea. It's not a big deal. It's not much better than planting in the field."

They didn't want to hire someone. After all, it would cost money.

"It won't cost much to hire a person, and you can take turns to mind the store. You don't have to stay in the shop from morning to night. If you have time to rest, you can do something you like."

The shift system would make everyone feel much more relaxed. Moreover, how much could it cost to hire a shop assistant? Five hundred dollars was the highest price. There should be many people who wanted to come here to apply for a job.

"Well, you can make a decision on this matter. Your mother and I don't know this. You have to check it."

They didn't know what questions to ask in the interview. It was good if they could ask someone to help them. If one day Jane or Wendy had something else to do and there was only o

here for an interview?"

Celia looked at them and asked.

In fact, anyone could apply for a job, but the two of them were still working. No matter whether their business or salary was good or not, she would certainly not hire them who came to look for a new job before they resigned.

Besides, if Mindy knew this, it would get her into trouble. Mindy would think that Celia wanted to poach her employees on purpose.

"She doesn't know. We came here secretly. Our boss doesn't know. We want to work here, and we two have enough experience."

The two of them had been working in Mindy's shop for a period of time and were very familiar with selling clothes. Celia's clothing shop here was not only well decorated, but also had a lot of people. Working here was what they wanted.

"We can only recruit one person at present. You have two people now. What I care the most is not experience, but moral quality and responsibility. I don't know much about you character, but for the time being, I think you definitely don't have a sense of responsibility."

"We are responsible."

The girl immediately defended herself.

"If you two are really responsible, you won't come here secretly to apply for a job behind your boss's back. I can tell you clearly today that I don't recruit you here, so I'm sorry."

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