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   Chapter 386 Take The Initiative To Attack

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6484

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It was absolutely impossible for Jade to go back home to cultivate on the farm, so it was better to kill her directly.

"It's not that I don't want to talk about it with them, but they don't listen to me at all. They treat me as an outsider and don't give me a chance at all."

Jade felt that she had done her best for this matter.

When her mother's family needed her help, she chose to be indifferent to them. They didn't like her. How could they trust her on this matter? And that girl was independent and wouldn't be at the mercy of others.

Her brother and sister-in-law could make their own living by running a clothing shop now. In addition, she believed that they should make a lot of money. And they could also take care of Wendy and her daughter. Now that they had Zack as their backer, they didn't need her anymore. She was also in a dilemma.

"Okay, I see. Let's think about other ways."

Gordon thought that he couldn't push them too hard. If he failed, his family would be in a mess.

He hadn't been able to help them in the past, but now he suddenly went to show his kindness to them. It was reasonable that they couldn't accept it. He shouldn't have forced his wife to do this. She was a very proud person.

"What else can we do? I have promised others and said that as long as they liked Celia, there was no problem. But now, Celia didn't even want to see that man. She also said that she had found a good boyfriend."

If Celia could meet the man as Jade wished, she would be able to fulfill her duty. But this girl was not willing to cooperate with her at all. She was helpless.

"If she doesn't come, can we go to see her?"

Gordon came up with an idea. If that girl didn't cooperate with them, they could figure it out by themselves. It wouldn't be difficult to take Mrs. Zheng to visit Celia and give her a surprise.

"What? Why did you ask her to see Celia in person from afar? She is a wife of an o

could plant some flowers and grass and live a peaceful and comfortable life. She yarned for such life.

She couldn't help but sigh that if Celia could marry into such a family and live the rest of her life in such an environment, Celia would be lucky enough and she had to be grateful for her help.

That girl still didn't listen to her. What's so good about being a soldier? Maybe he couldn't come back alive after a mission. How wonderful it was to marry a stable family and be a rich lady.

Celia was as stupid as her mother. Jade got angry at the thought of Celia's face.

Mrs. Zheng used to play mahjong with Jade several times, and Jade secretly helped her a few times. When she needed a mahjong tile, Jade would give her anything she wanted. She was very happy to play mahjong with Jade. Seeing that Jade came to see her with so many gifts today, she was even happier. She liked to deal with such a smart person.

"Oh, Mrs. Zheng, long time no see. I miss you so much. The environment here is really good. No wonder you are always so young that I can't see any wrinkles on your delicate face."

Jade flattered her. Mrs. Zheng and the latter grinned from ear to ear and took the gifts from Jade.

"Why do you bring so many gifts with you? It must cost you a lot of money!"

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