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   Chapter 378 Are They All Bosses

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6260

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Jade kept chatting with Wendy, so Wendy spent more time cooking at noon.

Jane had been minding the shop alone at noon. She was hungry and wondered why the food hadn't been done yet. On the way, she saw Jade and Wendy walking towards the shop together.

They had expected that things would come sooner or later. Damn it! Did Wendy tell Jade everything?

Jane was worried that something bad would happen if she knew it.

"Jane? Why are you here?"

Wendy said that she worked in a clothing store. Jade thought that she must be cleaning lady in the shop. Who would want her to sell clothes?

"Well, you are here."

Jane said calmly. Wendy was calm enough when she saw her, then her sister-in-law almost treat her as a stranger without even raising her eyelids.

"You work here too?"

Jade didn't have time to argue with her, but felt a little strange.

Jane and Wendy work together? But at this time, there was no one in the clothing shop. It was such a big shop. Could the boss rest assured to let the two rural people mind the shop? Wasn't he afraid that they would put the money into their own pockets?

Jade first looked around the clothing shop. There were many kinds of clothes sold in it, including tops and trousers. The key point was that the clothes looked good and the quality was great. Moreover, this shop was not small. Although it was one shop, it was twice as large as the other stores. The clothes were also very high-end, and there was a fitting room.

To be honest, she seldom came to such a well decorated clothing shop, because the clothes inside were definitely not cheap.

But why would two bumpkins sell clothes in such a good clothing shop? Was the boss stupid?

It was not easy to fool Jade.

Wendy and Jane looked at each other, and Wendy indicated that she that they didn't reveal anything to Jade.

But with Jade's shrew

ur address and shop. I'll come back another day."

Jade didn't want to stay here and see them like this. In her eyes, they had been living a different life. She had always been proud of herself, but today, when she looked at them, she couldn't hold her head high anymore. She hated this feeling, and even was jealous of their current life.

How could their life be so good? She hadn't helped them yet, and they hadn't asked her for help. They could live a good life on their own? Jade couldn't figure it out on the way back.

On the other side, Jane made Jade to leave with a few words. It was the only time that they didn't have a fight.

"Jane, you're awesome. It's the first time I've seen my sister like this."

Jade had been domineering since she was a child, but why did she see her face turn red to pale just now. Her domineering aura was not as strong as before.

"She is such a snob. In the past, we lived in the countryside by farming and didn't know much about the world. She looked down upon us and treated us as idiots. Today, I said that this is a clothing shop I run with someone else. She was shocked when she saw the decoration and scale of this shop. She probably didn't expect that we would live a good life one day."

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