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   Chapter 377 I Won't Lie

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6560

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"Do you want to introduce someone to Celia?"

Granny Li, who had always been cold, suddenly asked.

"You are really good at reading people's mind. I came all the way here just to see if the two of them are doing well. I brought some tonics for them and some clothes for my sister. She doesn't have a decent job in the city, so she must have some problems in food and clothing. And my poor niece, I want to fix her a good marriage, so that they can have a good life."

Jade showed her care for her sister and niece, but Granny Li had already seen through her play. This woman was telling a lie.

Celia did a clothing business. It was a big clothing shop, and Wendy could wear whatever she wanted to wear. Besides, Wendy and Jane came back at noon every day to cook and the food was not bad food. Their life in the city was not as difficult as Jade thought.

"Your niece seem to have a boyfriend. And he was a good man in every aspect."

She had seen that Sharon had driven the car to look for Celia. There were very few people in the city who could afford a car. The key point was that the boy was also very handsome, not like a playboy. He and Celia were a perfect match.

Compared with the date that Jade introduced, Sharon was better since they were in love.

Although Granny Li said so, Jade had never taken Celia's boyfriend seriously.

Well matched? The boy must be a toy boy. Like Celia, he must have a good-looking face, but in fact, he didn't have much strength. Such love was vulnerable in front of reality.

It was normal for young people to fall in love, but before they got married, they were just for fun. Even if they loved each other so much now, Jade was sure that she could separate the two of them.

When it was time for lunch, Wendy came back in a hurry.

"Sister, you are here."

They had been prepared for Jade's arrival, so they were not surprised at all. But they didn't expect her to come so soon, and she seemed to ha

m selling clothes for others. I can't make much money, but I have to have a good meal. I'm cooking this noon, so I won't go out to eat."

As long as one worked hard, he wouldn't be poor all his life. No one could live a hard life all his life if he made some efforts.

"Okay, okay. I said it was my treat. If you insist to cook, then you can do it. When you finish it, I'll go with you to the place where you work now. I'll take this opportunity to have a look."

She wouldn't leave before she saw Celia. Besides, she also wanted to see the place where Wendy worked. How could someone hire her?

"What? Are you going shopping?"

Wendy was a terrible liar. She felt bad when she lied, so her expression was extremely unnatural.

"What? Can't I. I'll go shopping and buy beautiful clothes. It is a good way to improve your performance in work. Why are you in a panic? Are you afraid that I will embarrass you? "

What's wrong with Wendy's nervous expression? Did she feel embarrassed to take me there?

"No, I'm afraid that you don't like my working place. Why don't you go somewhere else? If others know that you have a sister Like me, you would be embarrassed, wouldn't you?"

Jade didn't want Jade to appear in their clothing shop. After all, she was afraid that her lies would be exposed.

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