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   Chapter 376 An Unwelcome Elder Sister

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6374

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"What are you doing? Why did you hit Amy? She was just joking. How could she really get married?"

Jade immediately stood in front of her daughter to protect her.

This girl was really disappointing. As parents, they gave the best to their children. How could they not think about her?

The marriage with Celia was certainly not as good as Amy thought. It must have advantages and disadvantages, but it was definitely one hundred percent good for them. Their silly daughter even wanted to be jealous. The reason why they did this was for the child, but Amy said she wanted to marry, no wonder Gordon was angry.

"Don't say that again, or I'll beat you again. It's so humiliating."

After Gordon said that, Amy covered her tears and ran back to her room.

"After all, she is a girl. Don't slap her face in the future! I will try my best to persuade Celia to marry that man. It can help us as well. I won't miss the good thing of making the best of both worlds. I'm going to find them tomorrow. "

Now that they had promised that man, they couldn't offend him.

Jade had been well prepared to go to them this time. First of all, she had to be soft to them and speak nicely. If she wanted to persuade others, she had to prepare some gifts.

It was the first time that Jade had spent a lot of money on her sister. She not only bought a lot of fruits, but also bought some tonics for Wendy and Celia. Besides, she found that her sister had suffered a lot in the Tang family, and guessed that she didn't have extra money to buy clothes. Therefore, Jade sorted out her a dozen of clothes prepared to give it to Wendy. Although it was not brand new and she had worn it herself, it was better than Wendy's shabby clothes.

Wendy said on the phone that her brother and sister-in-law were also there, so Jade had no reason to see her sister take so many things, but did not bring anything to Jane. So sh

was obvious that Jade had a bad intention this time. If she really had a good relationship with her sister, she would know what they were doing in the city. Besides, Celia also worked. Wasn't Celia going to take the college entrance examination? She didn't even know the basic information. They must be not close. Asking so many questions must be trying to get some information about them.

Granny Li had lived for such a long time. She knew what kind of person Jade was at first sight. Jade was still too naive in front of her.

After talking a lot, Jade didn't care much about her brother, sister-in-law and sister. The topic was basically about Celia.

Where does he work? How's she going? Who paid the rent? And whether Celia had a boyfriend or not.

This sudden concern made Mrs. Li feel that something was wrong. This woman was too concerned about Wendy and Celia. In particular, she kept asking about Celia's marriage and relationship.

Celia was beautiful and didn't look like a rural girl at all. Her aunt cared about her marriage so much. Did she want to fix a marriage for Celia?

Granny Li heard that the Celia's grades were good when they chatted with each other. It was easy for her to enter a good university after college entrance examination.

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