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   Chapter 375 If She Doesn't Marry Him, I Will Marry Him

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6138

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Why did Zack and Jane leave without saying goodbye to Jade? In Gordon's opinion, it was likely that the two of them had a problem with them.

Zack's family didn't live a rich life, especially Wendy. After her husband died, she took her daughter to live a hard life in Zack's house. With such relatives, Jade felt ashamed, so she had cut off contact with them in the past few years and didn't come back until the Spring Festival.

Although their family was richer than Zack's family and the Tang family, they hadn't come to Jade and ask for help for so many years, no matter Wendy's husband died or Zack went to jail.

Therefore, although they were poor and Gordon didn't hate them much, but he also didn't like them just because they didn't come to make trouble for his family.

It was ironic that it was him and Jade came to them first, but they treated them with indifference, which Gordon could totally understand.

He had been a little angry before, blaming Wendy and Zack long because they were ungrateful. But now he had figured it out. Especially when he saw Celia was so beautiful, he had come up with a plan.

He wanted to fix a good marriage for Celia. Her appearance was her advantage, and her identity and family background were not a problem at all. As long as others saw Celia's appearance, he bet that they couldn't take their eyes away from her.

The Zhang family had been distressed for several lifetimes. Their parents died early, and the siblings, including his wife, Jade, were living the best life among them. But now the situation was different. A beautiful Celia came out. If the marriage could be done, not only could Celia and Wendy live a better life, but also his current life would be better. In the end, everyone would be happy.

This was also the reason why Gordon and Jade had been busy with th

out this? If Celia doesn't marry him, I will marry him. You don't have to ask her for help. I can do it."

Why couldn't she do what Celia could.

Only Celia was beautiful? Wasn't she beautiful? How could she lose to the daughter of a farmer?

Amy looked down upon Celia, but she couldn't help but want to compete with her every time.

"What did you say? Get married? Is your education all these years in vain?"

Gordon was so angry that he almost wanted to beat her.

"After graduation, I still have to get married and have children. Why are you going to introduce such a good man to Celia? Why don't you leave such a good thing for your own daughter? Why do you want her to marry?"

Amy hadn't seen that man for once. She said that just because she wanted to compete with Celia and didn't want such a good thing to happen to Celia.


As soon as Amy finished her words, Gordon failed to hold back her anger and slap her face. He regretted that she didn't live up to his expectations.

Many children wanted to get education, but they didn't have the chance and conditions. Now they had created opportunities and conditions for her, but this girl said she wanted to marry. He was really pissed off.

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