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   Chapter 372 Drive You Away If You Come Again

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6973

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Mindy didn't expect that her two-sisters-in law were so shameless, and her two brothers were extremely useless. If Mindy didn't give them money, they would really act shamelessly here. In their eyes, their dignity was worthless.

"Your families are so weird!"

Sam was furious. If he had known it earlier, he wouldn't have borrowed money from Sue even he opened a shop

It was really unlucky for him to have such a relative.

"What do you mean by saying that now? If it weren't for the five thousand dollars from my family, do you think we could live such a good life now? With your salary, can you afford our family's living expenses and Sunny's tuition?"

Mindy thought that only her could something about her family. If Sam looked down upon her family in that way, she would be offend. No matter how bad her family was, she had to have someone to back her up if something happened one day. Otherwise, who would help her out in the future? And Sam would do whatever he wanted to her. Mindy was not stupid. She knew to leave a way out for herself.

"You are really a hard nut to crack. Didn't you say that your mother's family members are difficult to deal with? I just said the same thing. Is that okay? Let alone ten thousand dollars? This is a large sum of money. You know how much money we have. The money has been spent on Sunny. How can we have so much extra money?"

Said Sam unhappily. All the women in the world were difficult to deal with. Even if their family had some savings, Mindy must have secretly given them to their baby daughter. And their baby daughter had spent it on Joseph, there would be no extra savings in the family. Moreover, the business of the clothing shop was not good now.

"I'm the only who could say something about my family. We borrowed money from them without their permission, they should be unhappy. After all, they have borrowed money for so many years, and it's natural for them to ask for interest."

After all, they were her sister-in-law. Did they really want to fight over trifle? Every married woman wanted to have the support

y didn't know what to do. It was difficult for them to relax and they were dispirited. As soon as they came to the clothing shop, they felt relaxed and all the discomfort were gone.

"Alas, our business has been delayed for several days. I hope these annoying people will never come again."

Jane hated the Tang family and didn't like them at all.

"Auntie, if they come again, you can drive them out with a broom. Don't be polite to them."

This shop had nothing to do with the Tang family. If they wanted to get involved or do something, they would be shameless and should be kicked out every time they came.

"Don't worry. I will. It's so bad luck to let them show up in our shop."

Wendy had a thin skin. She couldn't do it, but Jane was different. Everyone in the countryside knew how to deal with such shameless people.


When they were cleaning the clothing shop, an unexpected guest suddenly came to the door.


Wendy recognized her at the first sight and stood still. When she was about to walk up to her, Jane held her hand.

"Celia, Wendy, it's really you!"

Mindy was too enthusiastic and seemed to be hypocritical.

"Don't come in. We are cleaning the shop. Our boss will scold us if he sees you."

Celia didn't say that she was the boss, nor did she call Mindy aunt. What kind of aunt was she? She was even worse than a stranger.

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