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   Chapter 368 There Are More Than One Good Man In The World

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Evelyn ruined the dinner of Sharon and Celia, and she didn't get anything good.

Her elegant image of a lady was completely ruined today. Thinking of her scolding and losing her temper just now, she felt that she must be extremely ugly. In order to maintain her image, she had never been like this in front of the crowd. At this moment, she was crying bitterly.

How could Sharon scold her like that for a girl from the countryside? Was she so worthless to him?

There were so many people around her who were laughing at her. She thought she was screwed.

"Well, it's useless to cry. She has left. I really don't know why you like such a big bastard."

Anne crossed her arms. She was also very angry. Fortunately, she was smart enough not to stick with Sharon, or she would end up like Evelyn today. It was really tragic.

Sharon was a big bastard, so was Adams. Adams used to butter her up before, but now he didn't even take a look at her, as if she was completely invisible to him. In the past, it was all bullshit that he told her that he loved her before. This man was so shameless.

"That woman is so arrogant. She said she wanted us to eat the food she hasn't finished. Do you think we can eat it? And she said she paid by herself. In my opinion, she is just pretending to be generous. She is a countrywoman. Do you know how much it will cost for a meal here?"

"I think probably her money was from Sharon."


Celia insulted Evelyn, which was equivalent to humiliating them. They certainly would be angry if they were looked down upon by a rural girl.

"Evelyn, I'm sorry. My cousin has always been willful. Although I'm his cousin, I can't control him."

Rufus comforted Evelyn. His original intention and purpose of coming here was to see Sharon and Celia make a fool of themselves today, but he didn't expect that Celia was so difficult to deal with, which made Evelyn cry. As a member of the Qin family, if he didn't stand out

er, but Celia hadn't seen Sharon's parents yet. When all kinds of difficulties came, Rufus didn't believe that they could still hold on.

"Really? Rufus, are you serious?"

What Rufus said seemed to give her more hope. What if Sharon's parents knew about Celia?

Thinking of this, Evelyn came up with an idea. The second day, she bought a lot of gifts to the Qin family, saying that she was going to visit Dove, but in fact, she just wanted to find an excuse to meet Rose. Rose probably didn't know that Celia had come to the capital city until now. If Rose knew it, she would be furious.

"Evelyn, why are you here? Sharon is in the army, not at home."

Evelyn was a classmate of Sharon, so Rose knew him. But Evelyn seldom came her home at ordinary times. Besides, Sharon was not at home. What did she mean?

"Auntie, is Sharon in the army? I ran into him at the restaurant yesterday. I thought he was at home, so I came to play with him."

Evelyn said that on purpose. If Sharon didn't go home after leaving the army, Rose would definitely be suspicious.

"What? Are you sure? If he really comes back, he will definitely come back to visit Grandpa and grandma. Besides, he is not allowed to ask for leave in the army now."

Rose asked in disbelief.

"I've even greeted him yesterday."

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