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   Chapter 367 The Prejudice Between The Powerful Families

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6949

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The dinner was messed up, so they changed to another place to eat. However, the atmosphere was very depressing. Celia and Sharon had their own thoughts, and they didn't have any appetite.

Seeing this, both Adams and Jerry dared not say a word. They knew that the two of them were not in a very good mood, so they didn't dare to enjoy the food.

"Celia, in fact, Sharon loves you very much. As his brother, I have never seen him behave like this for a woman. What happened today is just an accident. As for Evelyn, she is not a threat to you at all. If things could work out between the two of them, they would have been together right now. I think these women are jealous of you, because you are so beautiful and Sharon cares about you so much. Please don't take their words to heart. "

On the way to send Celia back, Adams couldn't help comforting her.

"Thank you for your comfort. Evelyn is not completely jealous. It's a fact that she comes from a better family than me, and she is not ugly. She is telling the truth, and generally the truth is unpleasant to hear. It's human nature that she looks down on me. But before you met me in person and heard that Sharon had found a village girl, did you feel sorry for him?"

In this era, some people's old fashion thoughts were still deeply rooted, just like the Qin family would not accept her, a rural girl from the countryside.

"Celia, I didn't. How could I be such a shallow person?"

Adams's heart jolted. Was Celia a mind reader? Now she know everything?

Before he met Celia, he thought that a bumpkin from the countryside didn't deserve a man like Sharon who was with good family background and ability. At that time, he did have some prejudice, but because Celia was Sharon's girlfriend, he didn't show any dislike to her at all. How did she know that he had thought it that way?

"I didn't say that you are shallow. It's human nature. I can understand even if you have such an idea."

Celia didn't think it was necessary to be angry about this kind of thing. She couldn't change her identity. Compared w

ng than all of us, and my aunt has high expectations of him. I think she must have a prejudice against your identity, but uncle and aunt are highly educated people, so they won't make things difficult for you. Besides, Sharon likes you. He likes you more than anything else in the world. Your words worked like a charm on him. He has been known for his stubbornness since he was a child. I think you guys can overcome the difficulties in the end. "

Sharon had always been a short tempered man. No one could win him. Even if his parents opposed, it was useless. At that time, they would act first and report it to them later. And Sharon's parents would still be unable to do anything to them.

"Sister in law, you don't have to worry about that. As long as you can be with Sharon well, he will definitely have a way to let uncle and aunt accept you."

It was inevitable that his parents objected. But if the two really wanted to be together, would they really break Celia and Sharon up? But no one knew what would happen in the future.

Celia didn't care about what Sharon's parents thought at first. She didn't want to see them, and she didn't want to get married at such a young age. But she was afraid that their family was rich and powerful, and she was afraid that they would make trouble behind her. If they were secretly against them, then she would be no match for them.

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