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   Chapter 344 Introducing A Girl To Sharon

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Even if the weight of a whole pig was 200 pounds, Celia still felt it was not enough. In fact, apart from the head and bones, the meat that could be eaten was not very much. She wanted everyone to eat enough, and she was very confident in her barbecue technique.

Therefore, Celia bought a small pig and killed one more, so she bought two whole pigs in total.

Celia was very satisfied to see the pork. She must be the first one who gave a whole pig as a gift for Sharon. Thinking of this, she couldn't help laughing.

Adams went to the market and bought all the ingredients, scallion, ginger and garlic that Celia needed.

It was just that she couldn't finish the barbecue for hundreds of people even if she had to work on it for a whole night. In addition, she had prepared some vegetarian barbecue, which needed help. Otherwise, she couldn't finish it even if she worked overtime for two days. It was a big project.

Adams gave a holiday to Zack and the other two men who had decorated his house. He asked them to put aside their work and wholeheartedly help Celia with these pork kebabs. It was fine if his new house was delayed for one day, but if he delayed Celia to go to the army and was known by Sharon, even if his house had been decorated, he might not be able to live there alive.

Zack was stunned when he saw the pork. He couldn't figure out what was on Celia's mind and what she was going to do.

With so many people and great strength, Celia had done the barbecued kebabs with vegetables, such as cucumber, potato, letinous edodes, leek, bun and other barbecue necessities. Even in this era, the barbecue food could not be inferior.

At this time, in the army, Sharon had no idea of the surprise that Celia had prepared for him outside.

He wasn't completely sure about Celia's heart. She had said that she would come t

is cousin, Sharon's man rushed to Sharon in a hurry, as if his buttock was on fire.

"Are your butt on fire? Why are you running so fast?"

Sharon was in a bad mood because he was pestered by Peter Zhang. If only Celia appeared now. No one would dare to fix a date to him.

"Colonel, there is a beautiful girl outside. She looks like a fairy. She said she was looking for you."

That man had always thought that those female soldiers were beautiful enough. He didn't know that there was always someone better than them. That beauty was attractive and dazzling. How lucky Sharon was to have her.

"What is she name?"

But Sharon didn't care about it at all. Beautiful? It didn't matter if she was beautiful or not. It was so superficial. Besides, no matter how beautiful she was, she couldn't be as beautiful as his girlfriend, Celia.

"I... I haven't had the time to ask."

He didn't have the time to ask her just now. She was so beautiful, but even Sharon didn't care about her at all.

"No matter who comes to me, just tell him that I'm not free. If you come to bother me again, I'll add 100 push ups to you. Go over there."

He didn't care who she was. He just wanted to know when Celia would come to see him.

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