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   Chapter 343 The Surprise Of A Pig

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Updated: 2020-06-30 00:12

When Celia came to the countryside of the capital city and saw the pigs fed by the villagers, she was excited, as if she had seen a lot of delicious pork kebabs. Thinking that she hadn't eaten the kebabs for a long time, she was also greedy.

"Celia, a whole pig? I don't think it's necessary. How about we buy some meat? It's too much. A whole pig weighs at least one hundred or two hundred pounds."

Celia was generous no matter what she did. Adams appreciated her generosity. However, he was scared to death when he saw such a fat pig to be sent to the army.

"It is not too much. I don't think so. It's the hardest thing to be a soldier. Of course they have to eat enough."

It was the first time that she went to the army base to see Sharon. She couldn't be stingy. If the soldiers didn't have enough meat, it would show that she was not generous at all.

"Okay, I'll listen to you. But I think that Sharon has never expected that you will give him such a big surprise."

No man could imagine such a surprise. To be exact, no girl nowadays had the guts to do such a thing. It was amazing for a girl to buy a pig as a gift for her boyfriend.

"Are you sure it's a surprise, not a shock?"

She took a pig with her when she went to see him in the army for the first time? Celia also admired her intelligence. She was looking forward to seeing the expression on his face after all this, hoping that he could know her love and sincerity.

"I'm sure. If anyone can buy a pig for me as a gift in my life, I'll marry her."

The girls he knew were all delicate and fragile. Let alone killing pigs, if they came to the countryside to see those pigs, they would probably dislike it. There would be no hope for him to find such a girl in his life.

"Well, just wait and see."

She didn't need to kill the pig herself. If she gave money to others, they would get the job done. She didn't need to do anything by herself. All Celia needed to do was to take good care o

n the past, every time Anne Yu used this move, Adams would be very anxious and tell her everything, and this move could work like a charm.

"Well, if that's the case, I can't say anything more."

Adams closed the window and didn't get out of the car to coax Anne.

"Two beauties, bye!"

The car drove away, leaving only the dust on the ground shrouding Anne's face.

"Evelyn, did you see that? He saw that I was riding a bike today. He knew that I was tired, but he didn't invite me to get in the car? Bastard, Adams, are you out of your mind? I won't talk to you anymore."

Anne Yu jumped off her bike and stomped angrily. She really couldn't accept that his attitude towards her had changed all of a sudden.

"Well, Anne, don't be angry. In fact, Adams is nice to you, but sometimes your attitude towards him is really bad. After all, he is a man who needs to maintain his dignity, so you should be gentle to him."

Evelyn comforted.

"You are nice to Sharon, but he didn't even look at you."

Anne had always been domineering. She couldn't listen to other people's advice, even her best friend. So she fought back fiercely, not caring about other people's feelings at all.

"Anne, go and play by yourself."

Anne was not the only one who had a temper. Evelyn didn't want to bear it anymore.

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