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   Chapter 342 A Patent Of Sharon

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6908

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"Oh my God! What's this?"

"I've never tasted it before."

The taste bloomed in his mouth, and he only took a sip. The rich mellow fragrance stayed in his mouth. What kind of magical drink was it? It seemed to have a magic, making people want to drink it up as if they had drunk a good glass of wine.

"What do you think? Is it okay?"

Celia asked expectantly, hoping that she wouldn't disappoint.

"Celia, look at the bottom of our glasses. It's so delicious. I'm willing to buy a glass of it even if it's sold for ten dollars."

Adams was absolutely not exaggerating. It was really delicious. He had eaten a lot of delicacies and drank a lot of good things, but the food made by Celia would make him addicted and want to renew the drink.

"Miss Celia, what is that? How did you make it? It's so delicious."

The owner of the dessert shop had expected that if his shop sold this kind of drink, and it would definitely be the only one shop who served this kind of drinks in the capital city, so at that time, there would definitely be a lot of people to buy it, and the business would be booming.

"I made it by myself. As long as it tastes good."

Seeing that the two drank up the milk tea in one gulp, Celia knew that the milk tea she made here was not bad and could be sent to the army as a gift.

"Do you have any secret formula that you can teach me? If possible, I'm willing to give you half of my shares in this shop."

This was a business opportunity. The owner of the dessert shop had already smelled the smell of money. By then, it would definitely be sold out as soon as it was well decorated. Therefore, the shares were nothing at all. The formula was the most important. Even if he knew the materials, he didn't know the proportion and sequence.

"I'm flattered, boss. I only give this patent to my boyfriend. I'm sorry."

Celia refused without hesitation. This was a test result from her previous life experience. How could she sell it to a dessert shop for some shares? No, no, she couldn't. So she pulled out Sharon as an excuse

Since it was a rule, it couldn't be broken. Celia was worried that the meat in the market was not of good quality. If she made the whole army had a loose bowels, she would become the sinner and make trouble for others. The source of the meat must be safe.

"What? Kill a pig?"

Did they need to do such an exciting thing? Not to mention killing pigs, he rarely saw raw pork. Every time he ate meat, it was ready-made. Celia's mind was really surprising every time. You could never think of what she would think or do next.

In a short time, she had shown her charm.

"Adams, have you ever seen a pig being killed? Are you afraid?"

He must have never seen such scene since there was a frightened look in his eyes.

"I'm not afraid. I'll go with you tomorrow."

In order to show that he was not afraid of it, he plucked up the courage to say.

Anyway, he didn't have to kill the pig himself.

"Okay. Get up early tomorrow. I have to send the fresh meat to the army as soon as possible."

If the fresh meat was roasted again, she couldn't help but to imagine how delicious the meat would be when it began to sizzle in the pan.

Yes, Celia wanted to buy a whole pig, so she decided to make a barbecue.

The milk tea and roast meat were perfect. She gave the soldiers some special condolence, which made everyone happy. She felt happy at the thought of it.

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