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   Chapter 341 She Has A Boyfriend

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"Do you have any dessert shops here?"

Celia always wanted to do something by herself, which showed her sincerity.

"Of course. If you like desserts, just tell me. I'll take you there."

Adams knew everything on the street.

When Celia went in the dessert shop, she found that most of them were cakes and bread.

They were single and the taste was ordinary. Since she was come from the 21 century, there was nothing special.

"Boss, can I rent the kitchen for half a day? I can pay you the rent."

Celia discussed with the boss.

"Celia, do you want to make cakes by yourself? It's far from his birthday."

In fact, what he wanted to say was that could Celia even make cakes? Didn't she come from the countryside? Cakes were rare.

He was full of curiosity, which made him feel more and more interesting.

"I don't want to make cake for him. Anyway, I just want to make something by myself. By that time, you can be the first one to taste the finished product."

The process of experiments always needed someone to have a taste.

"Wow, am I so honored?"

Now, he could imagine how crazy Sharon would be if he knew that he was the first one to taste the food made by Celia.

"But the premise is that I have to rent this place first. I need time to make it."

There should be all the materials she needed here. In fact, she just wanted to make some pearl milk tea by herself. It seemed that this thing hadn't appeared in the capital city yet. If the soldiers in the army could drink it, they would think it was very special. Since she would make something for them she would make something special.

"Of course you can, and you don't need to pay the rent."

Said Adams.


"Because this is my friend's shop. You can borrow it for a few days if you want. I believe it's his honor. By the way, you don't have to pay the rent."

Adams said proudly.

"Is he really your friend? I really don't ne

en he smelled the scent, but also the customer who came in to buy bread was curious about the scent and wanted to buy the products.

The owner of the dessert shop was even more surprised. How could the materials that Celia needed give off such a strong fragrance? He couldn't figure it out. If it weren't for the fact that Adams was standing here and looking at him, he would have rushed into the kitchen to find out what was going on.

"Don't worry. Haste makes waste! Just wait patiently. It'll be ready soon."

Celia was working on it step by step, she felt as if she had returned to her previous life.

In her previous life, she had thought that if one day she no longer fought in the business world, she would find a beautiful town and open a milk tea shop to make milk tea. After that, she would sell milk tea for the rest of her life.

Adams and the boss had been sitting outside for the whole afternoon. Half an hour later, Celia finally came out with two cups of drinks like coffee.

"I'm sorry to keep you waiting. Taste my cooking and see if it tastes good."

It was the first time for Celia to make popular things in the twenty-first Century alone in this world. She was afraid that they didn't like it. If they didn't like it, it would be a waste of her efforts.

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