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   Chapter 339 You Heartless Woman

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"Celia, it seems that you don't know him well."

Adams was about to tell her in detail when he felt a chill behind him, followed by a very powerful magnetic voice.

"How about holding a meeting for you to talk about me?"

It sounded so familiar? Adams thought he had an illusion and stood up from his seat instinctively until he saw a murderous man standing at the door.

"Sha... Sharon..."

Adams stammered.

"Don't scare him. Why are you here?"

Celia didn't expect that Sharon would appear here either. In her dream, his face was definitely not like this. He was a little thin, and at this time, his face had some green and brown marks. He was wearing combat uniform. Although his clothes was light in such cold winter, there was a little sweat on his forehead, which made him a little messy. But Celia was obsessed with him. Only in this way could he be like a man with full charm.

"Celia, you are so heartless. I haven't even slept well since I knew you came to the capital city. You are really calm. You haven't come to me for so many days. Do you still have conscience?"

With an aggrieved look on his face, Sharon began to doubt his position in Celia's heart. As a living man, wasn't he as valuable as Adams' shabby house? He felt an unprecedented sense of frustration in his life.

"Sharon, don't be angry. Celia is going to look for you when everything is almost ready. She has been too busy these days."

Zack thought that Sharon was really angry, so he immediately stood out to speak for Celia. And when he saw Sharon standing in front of him in a military uniform, he instantly stood up solemnly.

"I'm not here for you. I'm here for work. I'll come to you when I'm free. I didn't say I won't go. Why are you angry?"

Celia was not the kind of person who was obsessed with love. Love was important, and her career was also very important. She couldn't give up the bread Even though she had love, because only bread could prevent herself from starving to de

army, I won't hold you up. You can go back and have a good rest. Celia, you go to see Sharon off."

Zack sent Celia away on purpose. Sharon came all the way from the army without eating anything. He just wanted to see her. She was really heartless. It seemed that she didn't care about Sharon at all. Zack had to help Sharon.

"Why don't you eat before you leave?"

The military car was parked at the gate of the restaurant. Celia couldn't help but ask. Since he had come, did he really have no time for a meal?

"If I go back late, I can't sleep tonight."

Said Sharon.


"Because in order to see you, I broke the rules and went out without permission. I have to accept the punishment when I go back."


Celia had thought that he was just joking, but she didn't expect it to be true. Instead, she felt sorry for him in an instant.

"What's wrong? Do you feel so sorry for me now? I asked you to come to see me for so many days, but you didn't come to see me. I'm so worried about you. Now that Adams turned off his mobile phone, I'm so angry. "

He had been thinking about Celia's face for countless days and nights. He had been looking forward to seeing her. He didn't expect that she didn't come to him at the first time when she came to the capital city. He was very unhappy about this.

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