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   Chapter 338 A Big Meal In The Capital City

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6674

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Zack and Celia discussed the style of Adams's house. The decoration design was drawn by Celia. Although it was not very professional, the overall style and the place where things were placed were clear.

"Celia, have you ever learned art from an early age?"

Seeing the drawing handed over by Celia, Adams was a little surprised. He didn't expect that she was good at drawing.

"No, I've learned all these by myself. But don't worry. I'll make sure you're satisfied with the decoration. If you're not satisfied, we won't charge you a penny."

Both Celia and Zack were not professional. In fact, she didn't want to lie about their strength, but she wanted others to have confidence in them, so she said that.

"Celia, don't say that. The drawing is very professional. It can't be seen that you have never learn it before. I am very relieved to let you decorate my new home."

No matter it was because of Celia's serious attitude or she was Sharon's girlfriend, it was impossible for Adams to not pay them. Judging from Celia's working style, he believed in her strength. Otherwise, it was unnecessary to bring people all the way here.

"It's good that you trust us. I believe we won't let you down then. By the way, the fifty thousand budget I mentioned doesn't include washing machine, electric appliances, and lamps in the room. You have to buy them yourself. We can provide our advice. If I can find a good carpenter in the capital city, I will let people make your TV cabinet, desk, and clothes cabinet. I can guarantee the quality."

In modern people's house decoration, in addition to electric appliances, the furniture and all kinds of cabinets were basically customized by a carpenter. Not only was it beautiful, but it was also very practical. But in this era, these things were bought from others, or could be said to be made by a master in furniture. But generally, the master's work was traditional. Celia came from the future, so she could talk to the master. And the furnit

p and eight dishes for give people.

She was so generous! A girl from the countryside was so generous when she ordered. Even the children of the capital didn't dare to order like this. The price was written on the back of each dish. He didn't believe that Celia couldn't see it.

"Celia, why did you order so much? It's a waste."

Zack said in a low voice. It was not a dish at all. She was throwing away her money. Zack felt so sorry for her.

"We can finish it. I believe in you. I have told you to order by yourselves, but you have to be polite to me. When you come to the capital city, you have to let everyone eat well. Only when you are full can you have the strength to work. I hope you can work hard after this meal, and strive for the decorated house to satisfy Mr. Li."

There were a lot of dishes, but why couldn't they be finished? All of them were young and energetic, and they needed to nourish their bodies. Moreover, the food they ate was not wasted. She was never stingy with food.

"Thank you for your big meal today. Please don't tell Sharon. If he knows I'm here for free meals, he will skin me alive."

Adams didn't dare to offend Sharon who was little devil and loved his wife so much.

"Is he as scary as you said? Are you all so afraid of him?"

Why Jim and Adams were so sacred of Sharon?

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