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   Chapter 337 Visit Him By The Way

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Celia took a quick look at the house. It wouldn't be difficult for Zack to do it. There were many kinds of decoration books he had read, and he would do a great job. It was the first time that Zack had done it, so he didn't know where to start.

"Mr. Li, what kind of decoration style do you like? Or what does your family like? Please tell us so that we have sorted out the plan and confirmed it. Then we can start the construction."

If Adams didn't like this style when Zack had half done it, he couldn't redo it at that time. It wouldn't be really troublesome. So even if he was an acquaintance introduced by Sharon, she had to set this rule first, in case she would have to argue with him.

"As for the style, I don't pay much attention to it. I live in this house by myself. If I have a wife in the future, it may become a wedding house. So the styles have to keep up with the times. Sister-in-law, it's up to you."

Adams spoke out his requirements. The future wedding room should keep up with the pace of the times.

"That's to say, the decoration is simple, elegant and fashionable, right?"

Celia asked for his opinion. Now, Adams was her client. She didn't take him as a friend of Sharon.

"Okay, okay. In fact, I don't have any idea. As long as it give me the feeling of home, it's okay. I'm afraid that my future wife doesn't like it."

Now that Adams didn't have a wife, he always thought for his wife. Well, men in the capital really loved their women and were afraid of their wives. He was the model of men all over the world.

"What's the budget for the decoration of the whole house?"

The decoration had a budget, and it would be best if it was within the scope of the customers' economic ability. Celia didn't want there would be a problem when he paid the bill. She didn't want to see it the most. After they knew the budget, they would get streamed and decide what kind of decoration materials they would buy. This was the most important.

"As for the budget, it is fine as long as it takes no more than

n in a passive position since he met Celia. She was the one who call the shots. It was not easy for him to ask her for dinner and send her to see Sharon, but Celia was really calm. From the moment they met, she didn't mention Sharon at all.

"Then turn off your phone these days so that he can't find you."

Celia said calmly.

"What? Are you sure? If he knows it, he will kill me."

Celia didn't play according to the routine at all. It was not wrong for Sharon to say that she was a fascinating woman. Girls were eager to stick to Sharon. It was the first time that someone had refused Sharon like that. It was strange! Celia was really different from those ordinary girls.

"Don't worry, just turn off your phone. After I figure out my work here, I'll come to him when I'm free."

In fact, Sharon was a soft-hearted man.

"What? You are not here to see Sharon?"

How could she say that she only had spare time to see Sharon? If she didn't have spare time, she really wouldn't go?

Nowadays, he couldn't understand the girls anymore. Playing hard to get? It seemed that Sharon met a master in love this time. He was so miserable.

"Of course I'm not here to visit him. I'm here for the decoration of your house. If I have time, I can drop by to see him."

"Celia, you are awesome!"

He didn't expect that Sharon would end up like this.

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