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   Chapter 335 Clothes Were Important

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"Celia, I'll go with you!"

Without thinking too much, Zack immediately nodded his head and agreed. Suffering was nothing, not a big deal. He had to give it a try. If he didn't try, he would never know whether he could make it or not.

"Okay, uncle. I believe you. Let's go to the capital together."

Celia couldn't hide her excitement at the thought that her uncle would go to the capital with her.

"But what if we fail?"

"Failure is the foundation of success. Even if we fail, as long as we have the confidence, we can start over again. Uncle, we have nothing anyway. What are we afraid of?"

Celia's comfort made people feel at a loss whether to cry or to laugh. Yes, he did have nothing. He shouldn't be afraid of failure. He was not even as brave as a little girl.

"Mom, aunt, uncle agreed to go to the capital with me. I went to buy uncle a suit."

After greeting her mother and aunt, Celia was about to go to the gate, which confused Wendy and Jane. Going to the capital city?

"Wait a minute. Why didn't you tell me and your mother when you went to the capital? Why did you buy clothes for your uncle? Celia, the college entrance examination is coming soon. You should devote yourself to your study. After the college entrance examination, you can go wherever you want to go. "

"I agree with your aunt."

Wendy didn't talk much, and Jane just spoke out what she was thinking.

"Mom, aunt, uncle and I decided to go to the capital city not for fun, but for business. By the way, we'll take a look at Sharon. Don't worry. I'll bring my books with me. I won't delay my study."

She knew the importance of college entrance examination, but she couldn't delay the schedule to the capital city. Of course, the earlier, the better.

"Go to see Sharon. You two haven't seen each other for a long time."

"Well, I'm going to buy some special local products now. You can take them to his parents' house so that they could have a taste. It's the first time you go to his house, right? We can't go there empty handed, okay?"

As soon as they he

dragged her uncle to the tailoring shop. At that time, there were very few people in the shop who made suits. They usually made normal clothes, but as long as they had money, the boss wouldn't refuse.

Celia picked up a design drawing and explained to the boss. The boss soon understood. They could also make suits, but Celia's requirements were a little different from other guests. In his eyes, she was picky.

"Little girl, are you sure you want to do this?"

The materials Celia chose were the best, and her requirements were also the highest. There were a lot of details to deal with, and it would take him some time to do it.

"Yes, just do it as I told you. And the length must be in accordance with the height proportion of my uncle. He can't look like he is wearing someone's suit."

This was the most basic. Since it cost money to tailor clothes for her uncle, it must fit him well.

"I can satisfy all your requirements, but if you are not satisfied by that time, I can't sell your uncle's clothes to others because of the size, and this suit would also be a waste."

The boss was worried that if Celia went back on her word, the suit would be wasted.

"Boss, don't worry. I will trust you. How about this? If you don't believe me, I will give you a deposit of 100 dollars. The rest will be paid when we come to pick up the goods. You can rest assured!"

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