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   Chapter 331 Spread The News

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6385

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"Mindy, I also admit that we didn't take good care of my mother-in-law. In case that we would make her angry and she would be in the hospital again, I think what my sister-in-law said is right. You take our mother to your house, so you could take good care of her!"

Denies also made a push. It was enough for her to take care of the old woman. If Sue left the Tang family, the Tang family would become a heaven. She was very happy at the thought of this, and she liked her sister-in-law more and thought that she was on fire today.

Bring her to live in the city? Living with her daughter?

Sue had never thought of this before, but now when they mentioned it, she had a certain desire.

She had worked hard to raise her children up. To be honest, she hadn't had a day's happiness so far. If she could live a city life without doing anything every day and no one pissed her off, maybe she could live a few more years.

In the past, if her daughter-in-law asked her to live in her daughter's house, she would certainly be very angry. She had a house in her own hometown, and why was she expelled from her own house and live with her daughter? But now she changed her mind. It seemed to be a good idea to live with her daughter. Did it mean that she was also half a city person?

"Denies, what are you talking about? You are resuming your responsibility."

Mindy looked well-educated and had a strong logic. Even though she didn't want Sue to live with her, she couldn't speak it out directly. She wanted to find fault with them.

"Responsibility? You and your brother are both her children, and she has always been the best to you. She is not only good to you, but also treat Sunny nicely. Maggie can't even compare with Sunny. You can't deny this, can you?"

Denies also joined the fight. This time, she must unite with her sister-in-law to get rid of her mother-in-law. She wanted to see if Sue w

were confused. How could they know? They seldom went to the shop, and they also seldom go to that street. How could they know that they had a clothing shop? Sue and her two sister-in-law were not intimate with each other at all. It was impossible for her to tell them. How did they know at this moment?

Sam and Mindy looked at each other and immediately denied, "How can we open a clothing shop? We have spent the money on Sunny's college tuition. How can we have extra money to open a shop?"

Mindy tried her best to hide it, but of course she couldn't let them know it. She couldn't let them destroy her business.

"Windy, you don't have to hide it. After all, a secret would come to light one day. We knew it. Your family has spent a lot in order to train Sunny to study. Normally, there is no free money to invest in the clothing shop, but even if you don't any money, your dear mother has. Although our family is not rich, we still have some money. Your two silly brothers have handed over all their the hard-earned money from part-time jobs to mom. We have no money left. Over the years, even if it is just a small sum of money in the beginning, it would have been accumulate to several thousands, right?"

Lucy said word by word, staring at the two of them.

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