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   Chapter 329 Divorce If You Don't Move Out

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6199

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"Your trick is completely useless to us. We won't be fooled."

Sue trembled on the ground, while Lucy and Denies stood aside indifferently without any response.

In the past, Sue had used this trick for many times to deal with their son and them. Every time they quarreled at the most critical moment, she would always fall down.

"I, I really passed out this time. My head hurts."

Sue's face turned pale. It seemed that she didn't pretend this time, but she had already challenged the bottom line of her daughter-in-law. If she had lied too much, no one was willing to believe her anymore.

At this time, the Tang family was in an uproar. The eldest daughter-in-law and the second daughter-in-law were working together.

Even Lewis and Wood, who worked outside, were called back. Something big happened in their family.

Celia asked Zack, Wendy and Jane to have a good rest at home these days. No one was allowed to go out. If she didn't guess wrong, the Tang family would make trouble here these days. It was uncertain whether she could open her shop or not.

The clothes in the shop were all marked with a price. With Jim in charge, she was very relieved. Even if she didn't make money these days, she couldn't let the Tang family destroy them.

At the same time, Sue was lying in the hospital. Especially when he saw his two sons, he cried hysterically, which made other people in the hospital bed come to watch the scene.

"Mom, don't cry. It's so embarrassing. We have a doctor, you hurts, they can cure your injury."

On the one hand, his eldest son, Lewis, wanted to comfort his old mother, and on the other hand, he wanted to suffer his wife's anger face. He would rather die in the middle.

"There is no death at home. Why are you crying? And it is us who should cry. We have been frugal for so many years, but we suffer a lo

ime. They were united as one.

"Sons, have you seen your wives? They forced me to death so I come to the hospital now. God, why do I have to suffer so much?"

Tears welled up in Sue's eyes. She looked like a weak old woman.

"Mother, don't be mad at them. They are just kidding. How could they really move out of our house? Don't be angry. Take care of yourself."

Every time Sue pretended to be sick, it worked like a charm, and his son quickly compromised. He could earn money again if he lost money, but he had only one mother.

"I'm telling you, Lewis. If you don't move out with me, I'll divorce you. I'll take Wade away. You can stay with your mother and take care of her."

Lucy said seriously.

"Wood, if you don't agree, I will divorce you and leave your family. I can't live here anymore."

Denies followed suit. It was just a divorce. She was not afraid of them. On the contrary, she had a hard time in the Tang family. She had endless dirty work every day, and she had to suffer because of Sue. She was really fed up with it.

"You're too old to get divorced. Don't be angry."

As long as Sue was not involved, in fact, the couple lived a good life. Once it came to Sue, it would definitely be a turmoil.

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