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   Chapter 328 The Tang Family Was In An Uproar

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6505

Updated: 2020-06-23 00:02

Celia asked Jim for help, and she also hired a few strong men to keep her safe, in order to prevent the people from the Tang family from making trouble.

Zack, Jane and Wendy went back to have a rest these two days. They'd better not show up. This time, they can't let the Tang family mess around.

This time, Celia went back to the D Village in secret. Mindy must have hidden the fact that she was a real self-employed businesswoman from the Tang family. How could Celia not let the Tang family know about it? She must let the Tang family all get involved, so that they couldn't live a good life.

Celia deliberately said that Mindy had opened a big clothing shop in the city and she had earned a lot of money these years. She also said that the money Mindy invested was given by Sue in secret. Sue was a rural woman and didn't even work. How could she get the money? It was all because of her three honest sons who handed over the hard-earned money every year to her.

It would be great if Lucy and Denies knew about it, especially Lucy. Her son would go to college in the future. Sue said that the money would be saved for their grandson. If they knew that Sue helped her daughter secretly open a shop, the Tang family would be in a mess.

Celia found Andy and spread the news out. Now, Andy was in charge of the small store that she had transferred to him, and his business was good. Moreover, he was selling eggs now, and his life was a few levels higher than before. He was very grateful to Wendy and Celia. In particular, he had always had a fantasy about Wendy. Although the fantasy had been completely destroyed, it didn't affect his respect for Wendy and her daughter.

At the same time, the Tang family in the D Village was in an uproar.

Except for Wendy, the other daughter-in-law of the Tang family were not easy to deal with. In the past, they were just pretending to be kind and filial to each other. All the daughter-in-l

son earned to Mindy. Mom, if you dare to lie, your grandson, Wade, will never be admitted to college. He will be a loser all his life and will be trampled on by others."

Lucy's eyes were bloodshot. She was ready to risk everything today, even her baby son.

Denies was also shocked when she heard this. It seemed that her sister-in-law had gone all out this time. She really admired Lucy.

"You are such a crazy woman. How could you swear your own son? Are you still Wade's mother?"

Sue trembled with anger and pointed at her eldest daughter-in-law fiercely. She might have a fake feeling for others, but she had always taken good care of Wade, her grandson. She would never allow anyone to curse her own grandson like this. She was still waiting for Wade to go to college and bring honor to the family.

"Of course I am his mother. No one in the world loves him more than I do. Just tell me if you have given the money to Mindy. Mother, don't lie. If you lie, think about Wade, your only grandson."

Lucy wanted to use this trick to make Sue admit it. If it weren't for this trick, Sue would definitely deny it. She knew Sue very well since she had lived under the same roof with her for so long.

"You... You are forcing me to death!"

Sue trembled and fainted the next second.

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