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   Chapter 327 Good Days Are Coming To An End

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6677

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Before leaving, Celia asked Jay to go to the NY city. She brought some special local products with her.

Jasper and his son went to NY city with his son. He must miss his hometown very much when he left the place he was familiar with at such a old age. These special local products should relieve his worries and grief about his hometown, but Celia didn't call Hale. Otherwise, Hale would thought that she took advantage of her friendship with Jasper and put some pressure on the cooperation.

Celia didn't want to do this kind of thing the most. She was afraid that it would hurt their relationship, so she didn't contact Hale directly. It was the same to keep in touch with Jasper. When Jasper received the gifts, he would definitely tell his son. Hale was smart enough to understand what the gifts meant.

A few days after her gifts were sent out, Celia still didn't receive a call at home. It seemed that 80% of the cooperation was going to fail. But no matter whether it was a success or not, her uncle had to work hard to learn the interior decoration. If he couldn't figure it out, even if Hale really gave him the project, it would be a disaster.

At the same time, Mindy was worrying about the business of her shop when she got a shocking news. "Elegance" was owned by her niece, Celia.

The business was not only booming, but also brought her mother, her uncle and her family here.

Maybe others didn't know the profit of doing clothes, but she knew it. Besides, Celia shop's business was so good and the price was so high. She must make a lot of money.

Celia was so young, but she was so scheming. No wonder Sunny kept bullying her and didn't allow her to go to college. If she went to college again, it would be terrible.

After knowing that Celia was the boss now, Mindy was a little frustrated. From her birth to now, Mindy had never taken her seriously, even when she was in the NO.1 high school in the city. Mindy didn't understand why Sunny had always been against her.

mily, he had to take care of it. Nothing was more important than Celia.

Celia followed Mindy closely. Of course, the latter didn't notice her.

She didn't know how Mindy got to her shop, but judging from her dressing, it was obvious that she had already known the shop owner's surname was Tang. She was well prepared.

Celia knew the nature of people in the Tang family. They just couldn't bear to see others live a better life than them. They would destroy what they couldn't get in the end. They had no humanity at all.

The clothing shop was the income of the whole family, and it was also the anchorage of her uncle, aunt, and mother's hope. It was not easy to find such a good shop, which could not only provide the food and clothing of the whole family, but also not cause any harm. The whole family could be safe together. Celia didn't want the clothing shop to be destroyed by them.

So she couldn't be passive. In order to protect everyone, she must take the initiative this time.

Celia followed Mindy until she ran to a clothing shop.

Celia had a very bad feeling now. Was this shop owned by Mindy?

She came to their shop because she was jealous of their business? If that was the case, Mindy would definitely turn against her shop.

Celia hid in a corner and didn't enter the shop until Mindy left.

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