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   Chapter 326 Buy Gifts Generously

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6920

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After visiting Dyer, Celia went back to Jay's shop.

"Do you still have any stockings?"

She walked around Jay's shop and didn't find any stockings.

"Yes. I hid them. I knew you would definitely want them, so I didn't sell them at all."

He could make money by selling other socks. Although he didn't make much money, he had kept all the socks for Celia since she needed them. She would definitely sell these novel things, and the result was as he expected.

"Jay, you are getting smarter and smarter."

Jay had not only broadened his horizon, but also became smarter. He has learned to read other people's minds. He is worth teaching.

"I learned it from you."

Being praised by Celia, Jay scratched his head and felt a little embarrassed.

"How about this? I'll bring you some books next time. If you have nothing else to do, you can read more books. It will certainly help you."

The reason why Jay didn't go to school was probably because of his distressed family. He didn't have that condition. Now his shop had expanded and he had a certain income. He should study hard. After all, the world was changeable. If he didn't reserve his knowledge, he might be eliminated in the next second.

"By the way, where are Frost and Jarvis?"

As soon as Celia entered the shop, she didn't see anyone else but Jay.

"Jarvis delivered the goods for me. As for Jarvis, you know, since he knew that we sold those watches last time to make money, he has been trying to make a lot of money. I don't think he likes the salary here. He will resign sooner or later."

Frost and Jarvis were two completely different people. Since the last small trial, Frost had tasted the sweetness and couldn't help making a move himself. This kind of money was easy to make, and he didn't care about the consequences at all.

"Then what is he going to do now?"

The smuggling was dangerous. It was not that she looked down on Frost. If he did this with his brain, something would happen sooner or later.

"I heard it is the recorder. Isn't it very popular now? He did it

did she buy it for woman, but also for man. She had to buy something practical and cheap. After thinking for a while, Celia thought of a good thing, which was the belt.

The price of the belt was a little expensive compared to the earrings. It was a few dollars. But men sometimes didn't hesitate to buy things or haggle over price. A belt was worth it, and it didn't matter if it was expensive. Moreover, she could earn money back by selling a few more overcoats.

Celia was not the kind of person who would hold the money tightly in her arms when she made some money. Money couldn't make money unless it was spent.

After all these things were done, she had planned to go to the NY city to look for Hale. She didn't know how he had thought about the decoration, but he hadn't given her a reply yet. She was anxious. Although she had his phone number, she couldn't rashly contact him. She knew herself well enough.

She was willing to wait patiently. The reason why she was not in a hurry was that Zack hadn't got the hang of the decoration and hadn't become sophisticated in this field. If he didn't have the ability, he would lose the deal. In this respect, Celia was a little unconfident. She didn't know her uncle's ability was and whether he could meet the standard of a businessman like Hale. Before that, she hoped that her uncle could get some practical training.

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