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   Chapter 324 The Off Season Became The Peak Season

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6840

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"Who said that I don't want to spend money for my daughter?"

Sam said crossly. The reason why he want her to go to school because he wanted her to live a happy life in the future. His daughter didn't have to suffer what they had suffered before, so he hoped that she could be well-educated and find a good family. But now she found a Man who needed their help and support. Although Sam didn't say this in front of his daughter, on this point, he was very dissatisfied.

"Then why do you still ask? Sunny is thoughtful since childhood. She must have her own needs if she ask for money. You know your own daughter."

Sunny did well in study and was sensible. She didn't make them worry since childhood, so they loved and spoil her more.

"Of course I know my own daughter. But Joseph's family is not good. Their family is a bottomless hole. We have help him and give him a lot of money before they get married. What if they get married in the future?"

Although Joseph was also a talented student and Sam was very satisfied with his identity, Joseph's family made him very dissatisfied. This was just a burden to Sunny. His daughter was on the side of Joseph's family now, and when she became rich in the future, she would definitely take care of Joseph's family. so that was why they all prefer tp have a son.

"Come on, don't be so narrow-minded. I believe Joseph knew what we have done for his Zhang family. If they become rich in the future, don't worry. Your son-in-law will definitely not forget you."

Mindy didn't think it was a big deal. Her daughter and son-in-law were both college students, and it would be easy to find a high paid job after graduation. When they lived a good life, they would certainly help them. Now she had treated Joseph as her own family.

Both his wife and daughter were on Joseph's side. No matter what Sam said, it was in vain. He just told Mindy to be more careful in the clothing business, which was the biggest monthly income of their family.

Urged by her husband, Mindy came to her clothing sh

own clothing stores.

They really admired the shop owner of the 'Elegance'. She was so smart that she even turned the off season into peak season, which made them really jealous.

"What's the shop's name?"

Mindy just wanted to know who owned this clothing shop. Was it the same as the one her husband mentioned before?


The shop assistant said.

"Do you know who is the boss? Where is she come from?"

Mindy had to pay attention to the business in the shop now. She was a little neglected in the past, but now others were going to steal her job. She couldn't continue to sit by and do nothing.

"I don't know. We've never been inside!"

The shop assistant shook her head.


Girls nowadays liked to be beautiful. She believed that they were curious about the clothes in other stores. Women all liked to be beautiful.

"Tell me, it's not a shameful thing. Everyone loves beauty."

"Mrs. Mindy, we did go there, but don't worry. We didn't buy anything there."

They didn't dare to continue to lie to their boss. After all, it was a job and the boss was not in the shop to supervise them. They couldn't find another job like that.

"I didn't blame you. Didn't you say that the clothes in their shop are very fashionable? Didn't you buy those fashionable clothes?"

Mindy had her own reason to ask this question.

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