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   Chapter 287 Open The Market

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6757

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Celia didn't know what Mrs. Li was thinking about. But no matter how the old lady treated herself, as long as she lived here for a day, Celia would share the food with her. After all, it was fate to rent the old lady's house.

After cooking, Celia sent some of the dishes to Granny Li, and the rest to the clothing shop.

The clothing shop was made up of two stores, so it was very troublesome to clean it up. They had to wipe it everywhere. Since Celia had spent so much money on the decoration, there shouldn't be a problem in cleaning.

"Let's eat."

The dishes were still hot. Celia run all the way here. She just wanted them to have some hot food. She liked the life now. The family was together and took care of each other.

"Didn't I say that you should focus on your study at home? Your mother and I are going back to cook after we get everything ready. You are so fast."

They could have a light meal, but Celia couldn't. She was growing up and needed to use her brain when she was studying. The food must be nutritious, or her body couldn't bear it.

"I'm going to have lunch too. Besides, it's not difficult to cook. I finish it soon. It won't take much time."

How could she read from morning to night? She had to work and rest when she was studying.

"Don't do it tomorrow. Even if you sit there and play, we don't need you to do it."

Celia had suffered a lot since she was a child. Now that she was with them, she should enjoy all the unhappiness. After going to college, she would have no chance.

"Okay, okay, aunt. I'll live a comfortable life from now on. Don't dislike me then."

Everyone was doing this for her good. How could she not know.

"You are in the college entrance examination now. We are willing to serve you."

Not only college students, but also high school students were incomparably precious to every family.

"Okay, okay. I'll listen to you. By the way, how's your business today?"

All the clothes that the shop had collected before the new year were hung o

ful dressing pictures on the TV, which not only can improve the customer's aesthetic taste, but also can train my mother and aunt's aesthetic taste. They have good aesthetic taste and can wear the clothes well. Then we don't have to worry about business. We will benefit from it in advance before it becomes a necessity. If every shop is equipped with TV, we would lose our advantage. What we need to do now is to open the market."

If you don't put the money there, it will only give people a sense of security. But from another point of view, if you invest it, your money will be more. In doing business, you have to be brave and do what others don't dare to do.

"Open the market?"

Zack had never heard of these new words. He just thought that what Celia said was very reasonable.

"Yes, it's very important to open the market. We can't only look at the immediate interests. We have to look at the long-term interests. If we only pursue the immediate interests, sooner or later we will be eliminated by this society."

People in their era couldn't imagine how fast the society was developing, but Celia knew it.

"You're the most well-educated person in our family. We can do whatever you want."

Zack agreed. Celia was experienced. She had predicted that everything she wanted to do would not go wrong. He trusted her very much.

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