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   Chapter 286 Sharp Tongued And Soft Hearted

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6374

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Because of this incident, the whole family was exhausted.

Sue and Sunny didn't get any advantage this time, so they might come to the school to make trouble, or hide in the dark and hurt her behind her back. The enemy was in the dark, although Celia had clear conscience, she was afraid that she would suffer losses one day. Today, these students and teachers helped her out, and what should she do in the future?

Other people can sympathize with you for a while, but they can't help you for a lifetime. Celia understood that if she wanted to avoid these troubles, she had to come to school less. Anyway, Sue didn't know where she lived and what she did, or Sue would have already brought people to make trouble.

The college entrance examination was approaching, and her family members were also looking forward to it. Celia had set a goal for herself that she could only succeed and not fail. Even if she had to cram hard for the examination during this period, she had to try her best. She should live up to everyone's expectations, and she couldn't be looked down upon by others.

The opening date of the clothing shop was set on the seventh day in this month. No matter whether there were many people at this time, they had to open the door at the appointed time. This was the most basic trust of a clothing shop.

Last time they went back in a hurry, and the things in the shop were a little messy. They decided to clean it first, and then make it neat and tidy. After all, it cost so much money to decorate the shop. The whole family was busy, except for Celia, who was not allowed to do anything. When she touched something, Zack and Jane stopped her. Learning was the most important thing for her and her family.

Fortunately, a few customers came at this time. Celia showed her eloquence. The customers brought a few pieces of goods at once, which could be regarded as a good start.


Then she bought food and cooked. She couldn't live a hard life, especially with her current figure that she wouldn't get fat no matter how she ate. Of course she had to eat enough.

Granny Li's words were harsh. If it were a girl with pride, she would have been tortured. Fortunately, Celia was thick skinned and didn't mind it.

She was just used to living alone. All of a sudden, someone lived in the yard, laughing and talking, and someone cared about her. She was not used to it. She always felt that others had some bad intentions on her, so she was more vigilant. But through the observation of the past few months, she found that Celia was a capable person. She not only studied, but also did business. Celia was even more considerate to her than ordinary renters.

In fact, every time she saw Celia, she was happy in her heart. Every time she wanted to chat to her, she would say something against her will. Fortunately, Celia was kind-hearted and didn't mind it.

After the new year, she had been waiting for them every day. With so many people around, the house would be lively. She also felt happy. She hoped that Celia would come to "disturb" her every day. Now she was afraid that Celia would make much money and move out from her old house one day.

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