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   Chapter 266 Children From The Distressed Family

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"What? You haven't hired any private tutor, and you and your husband are poorly-educated. How did you cultivate such an excellent child?"

"Genius! Her daughter is definitely a genius."


Wendy looked honest and didn't seem to be lying.

Such a mother could raise such a good daughter. How lucky she was.

"I really envy your child. She must have never let you worry about her. I heard that she earned the tuition by herself."

As a parent, they knew something about Celia. After all, it was a rare news in their class. It was really amazing that she could keep a good academic performance even though she didn't come to class for study.

"Yes, as her mother, I'm not capable. Her father passed away at an early age, so she earned the tuition by herself."

Wendy was proud and also guilty in this respect. As a mother, she couldn't give Celia the same desirable learning environment as the other parents did for their children. Not only did Celia have to make money to pay for her own study, but she also had to make money to raise her, the burden in the family. All the expenses were counting on her. Without Celia, they would have starved to death.

Every time Wendy thought of this, she felt that she was useless. She couldn't help her daughter, and was a burden in the family.

"She earn the tuition by herself? Madam, your child is really promising. She not only studies well, but also earns her own tuition fees. That's amazing. I really have to learn from you in terms of parenting. How can you cultivate her so well?"

The parents not only didn't look down upon Wendy, but also thought that she was a parent. There must be some secret to train her children so well.

"It's not that I have to hide my training method, but that I don't know what to say. Celia has never been specially trained since she was a child. Maybe it's because our conditions are not good, and the poor children have to shoulder their responsibility as early as possible, so she has to get what she want through her own efforts and diligence."


Hardy, the son of the village head. His family was really immoral. The Tang family had been torn apart by them, and it was his farther who helped Celia to transfer their household register out of the Tang family.

Seeing that Hardy, the son of the village head, had been protecting Wendy all the time, Sue was so angry that she wanted to slap him. Like father, like son. It seemed that they were really loyal and devoted to Celia and Wendy. Sue felt that the two of them just looked like the dogs raised by Celia and her mother.

When Sue saw Hardy, she was naturally unhappy. In her eyes, he and his father were the same kind of person and couldn't get along with the Tang family. If it was in the past, she would have pointed at his nose and scolded him for a while to vent her anger. But today, she couldn't. After all, they were at school and the impact was not good. Moreover, she came here today to make peace with her daughter-in-law, not here to quarrel. She should bear it. Otherwise, her plan would be ruined.

Sue calmed herself down. Her plan must be successful. Moreover, her powerful granddaughter didn't come today, so it was more than enough for her to deal with Wendy. It was not difficult.

"Please take your seats. Don't make any noise. Our parent's meeting is about to begin."

Tim reminded the parents on the platform with a microphone.

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