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   Chapter 262 Love Is Okay, But Marriage Is Not Allowed

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6491

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"Mom, you are so kind. I thought you would dislike Celia because she was born in a rural family. I knew that you are kind and beautiful, different from others. In the future, Celia and I will be filial to you and dad. You will have a beautiful grandson with you a few years later, so that you can enjoy the happiness of family reunion."

At the thought of this, Sharon felt that his life was wonderful. He married a beautiful woman and gave birth to a child. What more could he ask for!

"What? Give birth to a grandson for me?"

Rose was shocked. Didn't they say that they would only agree with their relationship? Why would they have a baby so soon?

She didn't want her son to marry a extremely extraordinary woman, but her daughter-in-law couldn't be a country girl.

"Son, I'm afraid you misunderstood what I said just now. I agreed with your relationship, but I didn't allow you to get married right now."

At first, Sharon was grateful to his mother for her kindness to let him marry Celia and have a child with her. But now, he was back to normal in less than two seconds. He thought that it was not easy for his family to accept a girl from countryside. As expected...

"Mom, didn't you say yes just now? How could you change your mind in less than a minute?"

At first, Sharon was happy, but now he was gloomy. What's wrong with Celia? She could not choose her family. She couldn't change it.

"You are young people. I agree with your relationship, but marriage is not allowed."

Rose expressed her stand. Marriage was not an easy thing.

"Why? Mom, we are from a military family. Is there any discrimination against the rural people in our family?"

He really didn't understand why he still couldn't get married even though he liked her.

"Sharon, don't talk nonsense. There is no discrimination! Besides, it has nothing to do with our family background. Your mother has her own reason to object."

Lewis sto

f you have a bite."

The color of the bacon was oily and authentic. It was obviously the best one. Celia really had put a lot of thought on it. It was more practical than buying anything.

"I don't want to eat it!"

Rose refused again and again.

"If you don't eat it, it is your loss. I'll ask aunt to cook for me. Anyway, I like it."

Rose refused to cook. He had to ask aunt to cook the preserved spareribs and then fried the bacon. The taste of the dishes were absolutely fantastic. Just thinking about it, he was almost drooling.

"Oh, it smells good."

The smell of spareribs soon came from the kitchen, and Lewis couldn't help saying that.

"Dad, you have a good nose. I promise you won't feel satisfied even if you eat two bowls rice later."

Seeing that his father was not as difficult to deal with as his mother, Sharon immediately ran over to cotton up to him.

"How about I have two bowls of rice first?"

Lewis's stomach had been occupied by the fragrance.

"Don't worry. Your daughter-in-law is very generous. As long as you want to eat, she will send it to you."

It would be fine if one of them were nice to Celia.

Lewis was about to nod, but when he looked into Rose's murderous eyes, he lowered his head silently. He couldn't afford to offend her!

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