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   Chapter 261 Find A Village Girl

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Rose was still in a daze. It was not that she hadn't fixed a date for Sharon before, but he didn't get along well with the girls, let alone make them happy. Every time he could piss those girls off and Rose had to clean up the mess for him.

Logically speaking, her son had a girlfriend now, and she should be the happiest person in the world. But now when she looked at the goods in this huge black bag, she was about to cry.

Did her son really find a village girl to be her daughter-in-law? At that time, she would be laughed by others.

Sharon had always had a good taste, but she really didn't think he had a good taste in woman. If she didn't worry about her son would be sad, she would throw this bag out. The key point was that her son liked it. She didn't want to have a fight with her son because of this. After all, they wouldn't meet each other a few times in a year, so when they meet each other, Rose hoped that they could have a good time.

"Sharon, are you dating someone?"

Rose pretended to be relaxed and wanted to confirm it again.

"Yes, mom. I have a girlfriend. Are you happy that you have a daughter-in-law?"

The smile on Sharon's face was bright. It was rare for him to be so happy. Rose knew his son well. He must be really serious this time.

But how could she be happy? She was so annoyed that she didn't know what the girl looked like, what her family background was, and whether she had anything in common with her son. As a mother, she didn't know anything about it. How could she bear it when Sharon told her that she had a daughter-in-law all of a sudden?

"Son, I'm happy, but this is a important thing in your life that I have to check on it. Otherwise, if you want to go back on your words in the future, you will regret it. You have to tell me what kind of person this girl is and her family background. Otherwise, everyone els

her son who was devoted in this relationship, Rose knew that he would not listen to her. At this time, if she forced them to separate, it would have a bad result, and might affect the relationship between her and Sharon in the end, which was the last thing she wanted.

"Son, it's normal for you to fall in love at your age. I'm not a conservative woman. I support you to be in a relationship, but you have to control your emotions and behave yourself. Don't do anything wrong. It's not only bad for you, but also the girl."

Rose thought she had to make an explanation. Sharon couldn't make a big mistake.

"Mom, I know. I know how to behave myself. Celia is not that kind of girl. She has made some rules in this respect with me. Don't worry."

Sometimes, he couldn't help but want to do something bad, but he had to gain Celia's permission. Celia was a very conservative girl who had strong self-esteem and self-respect. She was not that kind of wanton woman.

"That's good. I'm relieved. As long as you are happy, I'll be happy."

Rose was a person who put her son first. She was happy to see him happy. Maybe after a period of time, Rose thought when he was tired of this relationship or lost interest, his enthusiasm would fade away.

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