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   Chapter 257 Make A Sacrifice

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"Well, wait. Do you mean Celia Tang in our class?"

Except for Zack, it was the first time for Tim to see Celia's parents. Sunny was a good student, and so was her cousin. It seemed that the whole family were good at studying. It was just that Sunny studied hard, but it seemed that Celia was a talent. He didn't know if Celia had studied hard at home. In a word, he had never been disappointed every time Celia came to take an examination. He had been wondering what her potential would be if she concentrated on her study in the classroom like other students.

"It's Celia. She's my cousin. And this is Celia's grandmother."

Sunny introduced Sue to Tim.

"Okay, okay. Sunny, you are here to visit me today. Is there anything else? What happened to Celia?"

Celia was his favorite student, and the hope of the whole class and even the high school. Not only him, but also the principal thought highly of her. She was a good student that was rare to see in a hundred years. At this moment, there must be no mistake.

"No, my cousin is fine. Don't worry."

It was the first time that she had seen Tim so nervous about a student. Seeing that Celia enjoyed a good treatment in the class and was highly valued by the teachers, she felt very uncomfortable.

"That's good. I thought she was sick or something happened to her family. Celia's grades are very good, and it's absolutely not a problem to go to a good university. The school leaders and teachers think highly of her. She is really a genius."

Tim couldn't stop talking about his favorite student.

"Mr. Tim, is Celia really doing so well?"

Hearing the teacher's praise, Sue couldn't sit still anymore.

"Yes. You have a good granddaughter. You should enjoy your life in the future. Celia will definitely be a backbone in the future."

Tim praised Celia generously. On the one hand, he heard that her family valued boys more than girls. He was afraid that Celia's bright future

e to worry about the tuition. Our school has reached an agreement that since Celia has excellent grades, we have made an exception to reduce the tuition for her to go to school, but she doesn't agree. She said that she has the ability to make money and doesn't need the support. This child is not only independent, but also has a bright future."

Sunny had thought that this matter would be easy to solve, but she didn't expect that Celia had really become a capable woman. She even learned to make money, and what she had earned was not a small amount of money. And the school even reduced the tuition for her? As a top student, Sunny had never enjoyed such treatment before. Not only did Celia enjoy it, but she also refused it confidently. Sunny could not describe her current mood and feelings. She felt a little scared. Celia's growth was faster and more terrible than she had imagined!

"Then how about the money?"

Sue suddenly felt that the money she valued more than her life was nothing to Celia. It was her fault. Her plan failed. What should she do now?

"You'd better take the money back. I can't accept it. As her grandmother, if you have to express your love for her, you'd better give the money to her in person. It's not easy for the child to earn money while going to school."

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