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   Chapter 252 I Won't Let Your Uncle Be Scolded

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 7034

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Celia who had decided to leave on the fourth day of January, didn't set off according to the agreed time. Because Zack had to go to visit his mother-in-law, so the schedule was delayed. Anyway, she was self-employed businesswoman. It didn't matter when they would open the store. They would only make a little less money, but the family business was more important.

"Uncle, take the cigarette to aunt's father as a gift, as well as the wine, meat and other things. By the way, here is five hundred dollars. You should give them to aunt's parents, thank them for marrying such a good daughter to you, and let me have such a good aunt."

The reason why Celia treated Jane's parents well was for the sake of Jane.

Since Jane was so nice to her, she had to repay her kindness.

Moreover, when Zack was in prison in the past, Jane was still young and beautiful. There must be a lot of people who had told her to move on and start a new relationship. It was said that most of married couple were like birds, and they would fly separately in the face of a disaster, but Jane still chose to stay with Zack. She waited for Zack until he was released from prison. Celia admired her aunt's character and loyalty. Few women could make it.

"I can take the cigarette. I don't want the money. I have money."

Zack didn't want Celia's money. After she went to the city, she needed money for everything. Although she had made a lot of money, she had spent a lot, especially for everyone in her family. She was really generous and warm-hearted.

"Celia, we can't take the money. What's more, why do we give them money? They almost ruined the relationship between your uncle and me. Besides, I've been waiting for your uncle for so many years, and no one has come to see me."

Speaking of this, Jane's eyes turned red and felt extremely aggrieved.

She should go to her parents' house as soon as she came back, but she didn't want to go. Because she didn't marry a good husband in her family. And Zack had been in the prison, which would leave a stain in his life forever in the countryside. When her parents

Who didn't like money? Especially the money sent by her son-in-law? Jane's mother must be so happy that she must grin ear to ear. At that time, she didn't have the time to scold Zack. Celia was worried about her uncle.

"I know, but it's true that they like money. Put away your money. I have enough. Don't worry. I won't let your uncle be scolded."

Jane pointed at her purse. The money was ready.

In the past, every time she went back to her parents' house, she would suffer a lot and was not welcomed at all. Not only that, her brother and sister-in-law would sneer at her. Sometimes, she couldn't even have a hot meal at her parents' house. If they hadn't been so cold-hearted, she wouldn't have been so angry.

But this time, it was different. Just the "boom" of the big motorcycle let all the people of the Wang family come out to welcome them, and the gifts on the motorcycle made their eyes wide open. They guess whether Zack had made a fortune.

Jane's brother and sister-in-law looked stunned, and they immediately became enthusiastic.

"Dad, you like drinking. This is the wine I brought for you. It's good wine. And this cigarette is also prepared for you."

Zack took out the gift. The old man took a look at it and pointed to the chair next to him. "Sit down and have some tea."

It was the first time that his father-in-law handed him a cup of tea. Zack was flattered.

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