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   Chapter 250 In Charge Of The Family

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"I don't know who helped her to transfer her household register out of the Tang family so easily. My poor son."

Sue thought of her third sons who died early. It was painful to bury her own son.

"Grandma, please don't be sad. Although uncle died a long time ago, Celia is his daughter. After she give birth to a baby, the baby's surname would also be Tang, and they would still be a member of the Tang family. Now you see that cousin is so competitive and ambitious, it must be uncle who is protecting and praying for her in the heaven. Although she hasn't taken a serious class and was self-taught at home, it is very good that she could achieve what she had today. I have inquired about cousin's grades. She is very good. She is favoured to go to a very good university in the future. As long as she is admitted to the University, she will be promising. She will have a good life in the future."

Sue wouldn't listen to other people's words, except when Sunny said it. Sunny was experienced and could distinguish the advantages and disadvantages. The most important thing was that Sunny wouldn't hurt her.

"Her good grades have nothing to do with our family. Maybe she is just lucky. I don't believe that she can really go to college."

Under her pressure, Celia went back home to help with the farm work even before she entered the middle school. She didn't have time to study at ordinary times. To be honest, Sue still couldn't believe that this girl would be admitted to college.

"Grandma, it's true. I've confirmed in the school that the probability of her going to a good university is ninety percent! Wade is only in middle school now, and he will go to high school in the future. As for whether he can go to college or not, it is still unknown. For an unknown person, you can train him like this. Why don't you like Celia who is with great potential? People always say that you prefer boys to girls. I don't believe it, since you are so good to me, not to

udy hard. This was the right thing to do.

In terms of Wade's study, she had a clear brain.

"So you didn't save any money? Or Uncles didn't give you the money?"

Money was the most important thing in a family, and the Tang family was no exception. Sue valued money more than anything else, so Sunny started with money.

"Of course they have handed the money over to me. But they just did some hard work outside. They can't make much money in the past year. Besides, it is good that the food at home is enough for us to eat. There is no extra money. We have been living a hard life all year round. We didn't have any money left."

In this way, they could barely maintain their lives. If she didn't save money, she couldn't imagine if this family was still alive. In fact, she had to rely on herself. If they were in charge of the family, they would know how hard it was to manage a family.

"Grandma, do you know why so many people want their children to go to school now?"

Sunny was afraid that Sue didn't lack money. If she was short of money, it would be easy for Sunny to deal with her. She thought that since Sue would give her such a big red envelope during the Spring Festival, and that she must be rich. She didn't expect that every family had its own problems, but Sue was really good to her.

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