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   Chapter 249 Persuading Sue

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At the mention of her grandson, Sue was not as aggressive as before.

Wade was in school now. Although he was a little kid, he knew a lot of things. The little boy had a strong self-esteem. If he knew that Sue did something embarrassed him, the little boy would definitely not like his grandmother.

"I was just cursing in front of my family, not in front of others. Who knows?"

Sue finally softened her tone.

"Grandma, I'm doing this for your own good. Do you think I will hurt you? You are so kind to me, but I haven't your kindness yet. Don't be angry with me. Joseph is just a little straightforward. He has been defending me all the time today."

Sunny didn't want Joseph to quarrel with her family.

"Really? Don't lie to me. If this guy dares to bully you and speak for an outsider, I won't spare him."

Sue raised her fist.

"You are good."

Joseph didn't get angry but said in a low voice.

"What is he talking about? Is he making fun of me?"

They had been to school. If they cursed her in their way, she really couldn't noticed it.

"Grandma, I dare not scold you. I was praising you just now."

Joseph hurriedly waved his hand and looked at Sunny for help.

"Yes, grandma. I can testify that he was really praising you just now. I promise, if he dares to speak ill of you, I won't spare him!"

Sunny was a smart girl. She knew everything about Joseph, so of course she would speak for him.

"Grandma, how about I sleep with you tonight?"

Sunny was good at acting like a spoiled child. Others were afraid of Sue, but she was the only one who could always get close to Sue. Sue was old and lonesome, so it was good for her to have someone to accompany her.

"Of course you can sleep well with me. As long as you don't mind that I'm an old woman who doesn't pay attention to life and might be a little smelly, I'll be happy to have you with me."

Seeing that Sunny was so close to her, Sue was overjoyed. She had been adoring Sunny since her ch

on't be so excited."

Sue's reaction was exactly the same as she expected. She had been well prepared. She had her own plan, and everyone had the selfish side. If she knew Sue's weakness, everything was possible.

"I'm not excited. I'm angry. Why did you speak for them and let them come back? Besides, the problem is that even if I ask them to come back, they won't come back. Their household register has been transferred out of our family, and they had got their share of lands. They are determined to break off the relationship with our Tang family."

At the mention of this, she got angry. After they left, the Tang family had to portion out the land to them, so the income was naturally less than before. She had no place to vent out her anger.

"Really? Did they do that?"

Sunny had never expected that. It seemed that they had made up their mind. This was not what Celia dared to do in the past. If Sunny hadn't seen Celia's change with her own eyes, she couldn't believe that it was all Celia who did it. The more she thought about it, the more she felt that something was wrong. She couldn't let her opponent be too strong. At that time, she would have no power to fight back. She had to seize the chance to defeat Celia while she was not that powerful. It was worth it no matter how much she had to pay.

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