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   Chapter 246 We Finally Have A Normal Home

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6477

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No matter how much the money was, Horace would never take it.

Although money was a very precious thing at that time, it was already very difficult for a young man to make money, not to mention that Celia was just a little girl.

"Uncle, I'm doing some business now and my income is not bad. You can rest assured to take it. I'll soon make money back, and you can take it. Otherwise, I'm sorry that I didn't do anything for you after you helped me so much."

In fact, she was not as miserable as others thought.

"Celia, in fact, you should thank me."

Why didn't Celia and Wendy ask him to do the household registration before they left? But he did it on his own initiative. In fact, it was all because of the request of Sharon.

"It's him. He asked me to transfer your household register to your uncle's name and distribute the land that should belong to you. If I were a small villager, I wouldn't have been able to do that. He just made everything clear when he left. I just went to find someone to seal the document. It's not that hard when I was dealing with these things. I just spent some time in persuading the Tang family at that time."

Horace said. It was the first time that Sharon had asked him to do something. He didn't expect that it was about Celia's business. Sharon was much better than his son. Hardy only knew to study hard. He didn't care about these things at all. Even if he had thought about it, he still didn't have the ability to make it come true. Sharon was really something.

"It's him? He asked you to do it?"

'It's him again. How many things has he done? I'm so moved, ' Celia thought.

"It's him. If it weren't for him, I wouldn't have been able to finish all these things so smoothly. Celia, didn't he tell you such a big thing?"

Horace had thought that Celia knew it, but judging from her expression, she didn't know at all.

"Yes, he didn't tell me. I really appreciate him for as

in the future.

"Yes, your uncle is right. We must have a good drink to celebrate today!"

Jane agreed.

"Celia, the village head is really nice to you. How about this? Your aunt and I will visit him in person tomorrow to celebrate the new year with him. It must be difficult to do such a big thing. We have to thank them."

Zack said. If it weren't for Horace, the household register of Celia would still be kept in the hands of Sue. If Celia did something in the future, such as studying, getting married, buying a house and so on, she would have to get the household register. If she didn't transfer it back here, she would have to go back to ask Sue for help. Maybe Sue would make things difficult for Celia. Now Celia didn't have to worry about it anymore, as she had broken up with the Tang family completely and didn't need to care about them anymore.

"Uncle, although Mr. Horace has made a great contribution to this matter and it's reasonable for us to thank him, do you know who we should thank most? It is him who asked uncle Horace to do this. He must have used a lot of relationships during this period."

It seemed that her uncle didn't know about it either. It seemed that only the village head knew about it. Sharon was really good at keeping a secret from them.

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