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   Chapter 245 The First Thing Was To Change The Name

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"Land certificate? In the ZW Village?"

ZW Village was Zack's village where Wendy was born.


Horace nodded.

"Uncle, did you do this for us? My mother and I can build a house in ZW Village in the future? We don't need to buy it?"

Tears welled up in Celia's eyes. If Wendy had known the news, she would have felt giddy with excitement and wouldn't have to worry about her retirement. They had a place to build a house.

"Yes, I will divide the land for you two. If you make money in the future, you can go back to ZW Village to build a house."

If people didn't have their own house, they would feel insecure. Celia was fine, and she wouldn't come back to live here in the future. But Wendy was different. The people of their generation all had the same feelings. When they were old, they had to go back to their hometown. They attached great importance to their roots. Even after they died, they would not be cremated. Instead, they would bury themselves at the top of the mountain and sleep under the ground.

"And I have tried my best to get you the best land there. It's the best place to build a house in the future. You and your mother had suffer in our village, no one will bully you and your mother after you stay with your uncle."

What had happened to them made him feel sorry for them. If they had left here earlier, they would have lived a normal life for one more day.

"Well, thank you so much, Uncle. My mother would be very happy if she knew this good news. Thank you so much."

What Horace had done touched her so much that she could finally leave this damned place.

"You're welcome. That's what I should do. Your household registration is no longer in the Tang family, and now has transferred to your uncle. As for your houses, land, and firewood house in the Tang family, you have to be mentally prepared. They don't belong to you now."

Now that they had transferred the ho

than this.

"Uncle, this is my gift. I know you must have suffered a lot for this, and you must have persuaded them a lot in the Tang family. Thank you. This is a small gift."

Celia took out two hundred dollars from her pocket and thrust it into his wallet.

"Don't be so formal with me. It's my duty to be the village head. I can't take the money. What's more, if someone with ulterior motives knows that, people would think that it is a bribe, and I would become a person with a bad lifestyle, I can't take it, but I accept your kindness."

Horace was an upright man. It was not easy for Celia and her mother to earn money, not to mention that she had to go to school and earn tuition fees for herself. How could he ask for more money? They had been living a hard life.

"Uncle, please accept it. I can't do anything to repay your kindness. I will remember that all of your family are good to me."

Celia was not a sentimental person, but she was really excited at this time. Finally, she had survived. There was true love in the world.

"Good girl, it is enough for me if you could remember it. You should take the money back. Otherwise, it will be really bad for me. Maybe tomorrow others will sue me for a bribe and want me to step aside as the head of village!"

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