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   Chapter 244 Good News

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The farce was finally over. Celia had a good fight this time. She was in a very good mood these days.

It was the Spring Festival. A lot of people were visiting their families and friends in the countryside. Everyone was caught up in the joyous mood of festival.

During the Spring Festival, Cora slaughtered two fat pigs. Most of the pork was sold for money, and only a small portion would be saved to their own family. At that time, Cora deliberately left a good piece of pork and placed it in front of the fire and burned it for a few days and nights. after a few days, the delicious preserved meat was done and it was a good dish for the household. It could be kept well until summer.

"Do you think the gift from Hardy's mother is too expensive?"

Usually, such a piece of precious meat would only give the daughter or son-in-law in the family who had married and went back home for reunion in the Spring Festival. But they were not relatives with Hardy, and they thought this gift was too great. They would be too embarrassed to take the gift.

"It's valuable!"

Celia also nodded. In her previous life, only when daughter and son-in-law went back to the girl's parents' home would they be willing to cut a portion of the meat off. She also felt that it was not appropriate.

"How about I send it back?"

The meat was delicious at first sight. Even if she fried some of them, it would smell good. Celia swallowed her saliva. Hardy's family was really generous.

"Don't. Cora is a honest woman. Every time she give us a great gift, if we return it, she will think that we don't want it. How about we give her a gift?"

The most important thing in the countryside was that courtesy demands reciprocity, so their relationship could last long.

"Okay, I see. This piece of meat is very precious. If I give them something more valuable than this piece of meat, it will be alright. How about this, uncle? I go to buy a cigarett

Hardy couldn't hide his happiness on his face.

"Hi, Hardy."

"I have some questions about English that I don't understand. Can you help me?"

Hardy didn't know why he wanted to talk to Celia about study every time he saw her. Perhaps only studying could make him a little confident and make them talk more. He thought that they had something to talk about and didn't want to be embarrassed when they met.

"My silly son, it's not easy for Celia to come here. It's new year. Can you put aside your study for the time being? Nothing is more important than the new year."

Cora was speechless. Was her son really a nerd? Other people always forced their children to learn, but their family was totally different.

"Yes, your mother is right. My son, you should also take a break. Celia is here today. I happen to have something important to tell her. It's good news."

Horace tried to keep her in suspense.

"Uncle. What's the good news?"

Celia was also curious about what good news she could get from Horace.

"Just sit there. I'll get something for you."

Even if Celia didn't come, he was going to find her in the next two days. She would have a good news after suffering a hard time.

Both of Cora and Hardy were puzzled. They didn't know what the good news Horace had.

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