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   Chapter 241 The Couple

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"Mom, aunt, don't worry. Even if I want him, she would not be willing to give him to me. Although you don't him, he is priceless in her eyes."

Celia just wanted to frighten Sunny. How could she really want such a bad man? He didn't even deserve to carry shoes for her. There was a huge difference between Joseph and Sharon. The original owner was really dumb before. How could she find such a scumbag?

"My cousin, you don't have to be scared like this. I was just kidding. I don't care about the man you have touched. I feel disgusted at the sight of him. Besides, I won't forgive what you have done to me before. I won't forgive you for the rest of my life. I will let the two of you feel guilty for the rest of your lives!"

Celia's sharp eyes were like a blade, making Sunny's hair stand on end and shudder.

Celia really changed a lot. She was completely out of Sunny's control. Sunny thought that she had put on so much actings and said a lot of good words. Instead of being moved, Celia looked coldly at her. Sunny was sure that Celia was going to destroy her relationship with Joseph and just couldn't bear to see Joseph being good to her.

She wanted to destroy what she couldn't get.

In the past, Celia had a good face, but she was not smart. In the past, Sunny could deal with her with a few words, but now...

Sunny was not only worried about Celia, but also afraid of losing everything she had. She was going to marry Joseph as soon as she graduated. She didn't want everything to be destroyed because of Celia.

"Joseph, I don't know why my cousin hates me so much and I don't know how to ask for her forgiveness. But no matter what, I don't want to be separated from you. I want to be with you forever."

Sunny sobbed and held Joseph in her arms.

"Sunny, why are you crying? Why do you act like I'm bullying you? You did something wrong, and it is you who wanted to apolog

had said was totally reasonable. Celia should scold him severely, and he wanted to beat him.

"What do you want? Do you want to hit a girl? I'm telling you, I've long wanted to beat you bastard!"

Zack rolled up his sleeves. Although he was not tall and not very burly, he was good at fighting and was not afraid at all!

"Uncle, let's solve this matter in a civilized way. Family scandal can't be exposed to the public. If this matter is reported to the police station, we can't hide it anymore."

Sunny said. Celia's image in the eyes of the villagers and Joseph was certainly not good. Celia didn't care, but Sunny was different. Sunny had been a good student since childhood, and the most she got was praise, praise, admiration and encouragement from others. She couldn't accept the fact that her life had suddenly reduced from heaven to hell. She didn't dare to take the risk.

So Sunny, who was still crying, was afraid that Joseph would hit someone on impulse and attract the police. As soon as they went to the police station, they would have to explain everything to police and everyone would know what had happened in the past. At the thought of this, she immediately stopped Joseph and tried to comfort him. At this moment, she had no time to cry.

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