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   Chapter 239 Right And Wrong

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"Aunt, I didn't mean to do anything to my cousin..."

Sunny thought that Celia, Zack and Jane were a little different from before, especially Celia. Sue was right. Celia was not the timid and coward girl anymore. If it was in the past, Sunny would have defeated her.

However, Wendy still stood aside and watched all this silently. She was the same as before. Her temperament did not change.


Wendy was hesitating whether to say something or not, but when she met Zack's eyes by accident, she immediately figured out her identity. She had already left the Tang family and made a clean break with Sue. These so-called relatives were no longer her families, and nothing was more important than her daughter.

"Aunt, don't you recognize me?"

Sunny didn't give up. It was difficult to move those people, so he had to start with Wendy.

"Sunny, why do you recognize my mother now? When she was bullied by your grandma, you didn't say a word. Isn't it too late for you to say a word now? And today it's between us. Why do you mention my mother? Do you want to apologize to my mom for your grandma?"

Among all the descendants of Sue, except for Wade, she liked Sunny so much. So Celia guessed that Sue should have given Sunny a lot of money and food.

"Celia, why did you mention grandma? She didn't do it. It has nothing to do with her."

Because Sunny arms were trembling while she was holding Joseph, as her boyfriend, he had to stand out and say something for her. The key point was that Celia was completely different from the weak girl he knew before. He felt that she was very strange.

"Please, she started it first, okay?"

'What's wrong with this bastard? Can't he see that Sunny is acting so obviously? The original owner's pretty face is really not as g

sed away."

Sunny changed the topic completely with a few words. Now she meant that Celia didn't care about the elderly in her family at all.

Celia lost her temper. She really wanted to tear Sunny's mouth into pieces.

Taking care of Sue? She would not give a damn to Sue. She hated those vampire in the Tang family to the core. Why should she go back to the Tang family? Even if Sue knelt down in front of her and begged her, she would not take a look at her.

But why did Sunny mention it now? This woman was really scheming.

Of course, Sunny deliberately changed the topic. She couldn't always be in a passive position. She had to take the initiative, or she would be defeated here by Celia.

Who did Celia hate the most? It must be Sue, or Celia wouldn't have moved out of the Tang family. She just mentioned the Tang family and Sue to make Celia angry, so as to make her angry and disturb her.

Of course, Sue hated them the most. How could she take them back? She just did it on purpose.

She hoped that Celia would be so angry that she swore in the public. In this way, her goal would be achieved. It would be better to drive Celia crazy and make her lose her mind.

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