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   Chapter 238 Pretend To Be Pitiful

Reborn: My Wife Is A Successful Businesswoman By Meng Xiaoqi Characters: 6089

Updated: 2020-05-13 00:03

"Celia, in fact, no matter how many books a girl reads, it's not as important as marrying a good man. Hardy's mother is really good to you. I think she has regarded you as her future daughter-in-law, right?"

Even a stranger spoke for Celia. Sunny was not only jealous, but also angry.

She said that on purpose. If such words were spread out in the countryside, people would definitely gossip about Celia and Hardy even though there was nothing between them.

"Sunny, do you really want me to get married? Or do you want to spread the rumors about me and the other boys?"

Celia stared at Sunny with her beautiful big eyes. It was Sunny who made the original owner like this. If she should take revenge, since the original owner had borrowed the body for her.

"Sister, you misunderstood me. I and your brother-in-law just care about you, right?"

Sunny's eyes were red, and she looked pitiful as if she had suffered a great grievance. Tears were about to fall.

"Celia, we don't mean to hurt you. I just want to care about you. I'm telling you the truth. Sunny even knelt down in front of the Bodhisattva and made a wish for you to take the college entrance examination smoothly."

Joseph couldn't bear to see Sunny ask for help. Sunny had never been so fragile. She was always shrewd and capable.

"Humph, make a wish for me. If you lie to the Bodhisattva, you will be in great troubles and hit by the thunder. Cousin, be careful when it rains."

Sunny made a wish for the original owner of Celia's body? This was ridiculous! By the way, was the original owner blind? Why was she in love with this man with such a beautiful face? This was so crazy. She looked at Joseph, but couldn't know why. Moreover, Joseph even chose Sunny in the end. He was blind and vicious.

"Celia, Sunny is really not..."

deliberately raised. She just wanted to see how shameless these two people were. Anyway, she always went all out.

"Sunny, Celia didn't say anything harsh from beginning to end. Why do you look so aggrieved? It seems that we are bullying you. The eyes of the masses are bright. They are all watching. We didn't bully you, and the Bodhisattva is watching."

Jane thought that the Tang family's bastards were really bullying people. Celia didn't say anything from beginning to end. Why did Sunny look so pitiful? They really thought that no one would back Celia up.

"Yes, it's okay if you have something to say clearly. Don't hesitate. I saw clearly today that you provoked my niece first. Why are you crying before you say anything? Are you more pitiful than anyone else? How about Celia have a good cry too?"

In the past, when the Tang family bullied Celia, Zack was not by her side and couldn't protect her. Now that he was here, they wouldn't let them hurt his niece.

Sunny had planned to win everyone's sympathy by pretending to be pitiful. But she didn't expect that Celia's uncle and aunt were here today. Since when did Celia uncle and aunt protect her so much and have such a good relationship?

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