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   Chapter 237 Defend Myself

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Celia heard the noise and came here. She heard Jane's voice. Someone must have irritated her to make her aunt speak so loudly in such a place.

"I'll go and have a look!"

Celia threw the book to Hardy and immediately walked towards her aunt.

"I will go with you!"

Hardy was worried about her, so he followed her.

Celia frowned before she could get close to them. They were relatives, but Denies was rude. No wonder her aunt was so angry.

It was really a lively day today


When Celia was watching the scene coldly, she heard someone calling her again. But this time, it was not a man's voice, but a woman's.

Is this Sunny?

Celia turned her head. Her beautiful face made Sunny a little disappointed. Over the years, not only did Celia not become ugly, but she was becoming more and more beautiful. Even she, a girl, couldn't help but look at Celia again.

Except for Sue, all the members of the Tang family, including the precious college student Sunny, had come. It seemed that the Bodhisattva here was very awesome!

But they had hidden themselves when they saw her just now, and now they called her name all of a sudden. Did they want to show off their love in front of her?


Joseph lowered his head slightly. He didn't dare to look into Celia's eyes directly. He could only looked at Celia with the corner of his eyes and perceived her attitude.

Today was really a lucky day for Celia. This shameless couple appeared in front of her at the same time. But Joseph was not a good-looking man, but he made two girls suffer a lot for him, and the original owner of Celia's body was even accused of being a loose woman. This was not worth it.

Sunny's appearance was not ugly, but absolutely not beautiful. The original owner's had such gorgeous face, but she was defeated by Sunny and damaged her reputation. What a loser.


family was easy to get along with, and they were not good to Wendy and Celia. He was afraid that if he left, they would bully Celia again. He had seen how powerful they were, so he was a little worried.

"No need. No one dares to be presumptuous in front of the Bodhisattva in broad daylight!"

When Celia said this, she took a look at Sunny. Her old tricks didn't work on her anymore. She would like to see what that bitch wanted to do.

"So, so I'm leaving?"

Hardy couldn't make up his mind. In his eyes, Celia was a little girl who was fragile and needed protection. What if her strange relatives bullied her again?

"Hardy, let's go. If there is any injury on her body when she goes down the mountain, we can call the police."

Cora didn't like the Tang family and couldn't bear what they had done. Although they lived in the same village, they never had any connections. The Tang family were all troublesome, so she didn't want to have anything to do with them. Moreover, Celia had been helping her son study just now. She was grateful to Celia, so she was on Celia's side. If they dared to act recklessly, Cora would ask the police to put them in jail.

After saying that, without looking at their faces, Cora took Hardy's hand and left.

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