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   Chapter 235 Asshole

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"Why did I hear someone calling you just now? It's a man's voice."

Celia was explaining the test paper to Hardy seriously. He suddenly interrupted her, but when he turned around, he didn't find anyone.

"Did you hear it wrong? My uncle is still making a wish for the Bodhisattva. Besides, he doesn't know I'm here. If someone was calling me, it might be my mom and aunt."

Celia didn't take it seriously at all. She didn't even raise her head.

"Celia, I won't mishear. Someone really called you, not your uncle."

Hardy was not stubborn. Celia was the goddess in his heart. He couldn't have misheard her name, so he kept emphasizing.

Celia was a little impatient. She raised her face reluctantly, and the book in her hand fell to the ground.

Hardy was right. There must be someone calling her name. Not far away, there was a familiar figure. Except for Joseph, there shouldn't be anyone else. This shameless couple!

Celia's heart was full of anger. Of course, she was not angry for herself, but for the original owner of her body.

It was a matter of love between two people, but why did she turn out to be the shameless and selfless one in this relationship in the end?

All these were very strange and fishy, especially after this incident, when the original owner of her body was cursed as a loose woman by everyone and almost forced to die, but this shameless couple were together in the end. So the person who designed all this must be a scheming bitch, Sunny. In this era, women was so cunning.

Sunny had a high education, a good family background and a pretty face. She had been spoiled since she was a child. Who would have thought that a good student would do such a filthy and dirty thing? Celia felt sick at the sight of her.

Joseph was even worse than Sunny. He cheated on the original owner of her body. When the original owner was abou

earing her words. He was even a little grateful and moved. This was what she wanted.

"Sunny, you are so kind to Celia."

Joseph held her hand excitedly.

"We two are relatives. Of course I hope for the best for her. She has lost her father since she was a child. I certainly hope that she can live a good life in the future."

Tears welled up in Sunny's eyes when she said it. Joseph immediately patted her shoulder to comfort her.

Everything was under Sunny's control. Of course, she couldn't have made a wish for Celia just now. In fact, it was more like a curse than a wish. She hoped that Celia would be hit to death by a car when she went out. It would be better if her legs were broken when she went down the mountain. It would be the best if Celia's face was broken and had a plastic surgery, so her life would be worse than death.

Sunny cursed Celia with the most vicious words, but Joseph didn't know that. He was very grateful to Sunny for what she had done for Celia, as if it could reduce his guilt for her. He didn't know that there was such a vicious heart hidden under Sunny's kind face. He even felt a little guilty to Sunny. He shouldn't have thought about other woman when he was with Sunny, which was unfair to her.

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